Shake Shack going public

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August 15, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV was the first source in the world to properly estimate the valuation of Union Square Hospitality Group, owner of Shake Shack. It was then reported that Leonard Green LP had purchased 40% of USHG.

Reuters is now reporting that USHG will spin off Shake Shack as an IPO. This reporter would be shocked if Goldman Sachs was not the lead. (Is Stephen Starr (owner of El Vez) next up?).

However, Shake Shack has already had trouble expanding at its current small size. The decision to switch the French-fries was a bad one, and they are going back to the original. Other locations have been unwelcome by the communities. Also, will the long lines at Shack Shack be tolerated by people in mainstream America?

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2 Responses to Shake Shack going public

  1. N N says:

    This will be a great shorting opportunity. Fast casual IPOs have been pump & dump case studies, PBPB (potbelly), NDLS (Noodles), LOCO (Ell Pollo Loco) LOCO currently has a 1.2 Billion dollar market cap and loses money.

  2. Editor says:

    Ha! We think alike.

    I can’t wait to hear smoothtalker Danny answer analyst questions.

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