Sharyl Attkisson’s complaint against Eric Holder and the DOJ for breaking into her computers

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October 30, 2017- In 2011, veteran CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson was uncovering the “Fast and Furious” gun scandal. The DOJ, FBI, and ATF under President Obama and DOJ Director Eric Holder dreamed up the plan to actually allow real guns to be sold to the Mexican drug cartels in hopes of tracking them. Well, the lame plan backfired and an American border patrol officer was killed with one of the guns.

Attkisson’s reporting was so embarrassing to the DOJ that they began to retaliate against her, she alleges. She believes the FBI remotely hacked into her home laptop and desktop computers (one was a PC and one was Apple). She was also fired from CBS (proving that the networks are nothing but puppets of the deep state these days).

To sue the head of the Department of Justice requires unique strategies, to be sure. The DOJ controls the court system. Much of the case should be made confidential, for starters. But we were able to pull up the amended complaint. It makes for some fascinating reading.

Attkisson’s case is similar to BPTV’s federal lawsuit against the BPCA. Both involved violations of the First Amendment that protects freedom of the press. Attkisson’s case also involved illegal searches, which violates the Fourth Amendment.

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