Sheldon Silver indicted, again, and trial set for November

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Sheldon Silver in police car arrestedUpdate April 28, 2015- Sheldon Silver was in federal court today for arraignment on additional charges. The judge, Valerie Caproni, also set the date for trial to be on November 2nd. The Daily News quoted him as saying, “I’m glad there is a trial date. I’m confident that at the end of this process I will be totally vindicated.”

February 19, 2014- Good ole Shelly might not be able to dodge jail-time after all. The Post reports, “A federal grand jury Thursday indicted disgraced former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for allegedly lining his pockets with nearly $4 million in bribes and kickbacks in a stunning abuse of power dating to at least 2000, officials confirmed.

The Manhattan politician, acknowledged as the second-most powerful Democrat in the state, was charged in the three-count indictment with wire fraud, mail fraud and extortion. Each charge carries 20 years behind bars.”

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