Sheldon Silver is in the first stage of grief: denial

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Sheldon Silver in police car arrestedMarch 5, 2015- Op-Ed by Steven E. Greer

Kübler-Ross described the five stages of grief, which begin with denial. Sheldon Silver and the small industry of people who rely on him seem to be stuck in the denial phase.

We are hearing that Mr. Silver is aggressively spreading the word that he is still in power and functioning as usual. One local lawyer is telling people that U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara won’t actually send him to jail.

First of all, no lawyer anywhere can have one ounce of insight into what Mr. Bharara will or will not do. Secondly, Mr. Bharara would lose all credibility is he did anything other than slam Mr. Silver behind bars with a conviction.

Mr. Silver will likely be kicked out of the state assembly either by losing his election, or being forced out due to a conviction. Anyone who thinks otherwise is denial.

Wanted: Applicants to fill Sheldon Silver’s seat in Albany

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