Sheldon Silver uses campaign funds to pay for defense lawyer

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Cuomo and Silver togetherJanuary 19, 2015- Our favorite politicians is in the news again. The Post reports, “Defending city and state politicians is one of the fastest-growing sections of the legal profession — and the cash to cover lawyers’ bills is coming straight out of campaign coffers.

High-ranking leaders, such as Gov. Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, shelled out huge sums to stay out of hot water, campaign-finance filings reveal.

Gov. Cuomo used his 2014 campaign re-election fund to pay criminal lawyer Elkan Abramowitz $100,000 to represent him as federal investigators look into the shuttering of Cuomo’s anti-corruption task force.

Silver funneled $30,000 through his Friends of Silver account to pay the firm Stroock, Stroock and Lavan after US Attorney Preet Bharara reportedly began investigating payments Silver received from the law firm Goldberg Iryami.

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