Shoddy construction of the West Thames cancer turf field

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west-thames-field-fence-proper-aUpdate November 18, 2016- The fence was finally properly installed.

west-thames-field-fence-proper-bUpdate June 12, 2016- This new artificial turf field and surrounding fence are already looking old and dirty. There are small bits of plastic trash collecting in the turf. The fence looks like a temporary construction zone fence. The entire West Tames park has been turned into the type of park you would see at some poor urban park in the Bronx.

Bad West Thames high fence 2

May 20, 2016- We previously reported on how the construction company that “won” the rigged RFP to build the West Thames artificial turf field, Stantec, was also the one that did such a poor job on the ballfields on Murray that they had to be re-installed by another company. Well, this fencing they just installed is purely amateur.

Undoubtedly, the BPCA will claim that this is temporary, just like the Jeff Galloway “temporary” fence before it that lasted three-years.

Bad West Thames huigh fence 1This is what it should look like, below.

Proper high fence 2 Proper high fence

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One Response to Shoddy construction of the West Thames cancer turf field

  1. BPC74 says:

    I agree. This fence is a travesty. It’s not the only thing shoddy with the construction.

    The planters are completely uneven and thus what should be a point of beauty is an eyesore. Did they even bother using a plumb line???

    And this is what they have to show for a half year of construction and constant closures of the stairway to the rector bridge – including one more closure last week – just so this slow-poke contractor could have extra room to do their “work”.

    Stantec should be ashamed of themselves for taking so long to produce an inferior product. I could have built it myself in a week!

    And even after all of this construction, they still have not replaced that missing table in the picnic area!

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