Skateboard noise

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Letter November 11, 2012 By Fran

Hi. I was wondering if there was any number for the PEP police. Everyday, skateboarders jump up and down the steps outside my window. Everyday, I have to call the PEP office to have the come and tell the 7 to 8 kids to leave. I have a very very sick person staying with me and the constant clashing of the skateboards drive us crazy.

Since the hurricane, there is as you said no number for the PEP office. Being that a special skateboard park by Pier 25 has been made for these kids, this is a disgrace. Can you help, BatteryPark.TV, as I might have to relocate my friend as the noise is way too much.

…thanks and you are the only one who ever helps…..


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Just moved into the neighborhood and love your site…thanks.


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