Skateboarders vandalize esplanade art

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February 14, 2012  by Steven Greer

BatteryPark.TV has been the only local news source to accurately report on the violent threat from the growing numbers of teenage skateboard gangs. Because they are underage, many people tend to dismiss them. However, numerous cases of assault have been perpetrated, including a male PEP officer being struck in the headwith a skateboard, and a local hotdog vendor attacked (see video below).

Thr art display damagaed by skateboarders

Now, local witnesses are identifying skateboarders as the criminals who ruined the new table map directory of art and sculptures, which is based at the southernmost portion of the esplanade overlooking the Statue of Liberty. A letter to the “BroadsheetDAILY” from Bob Rosen explains, “The unknown vandal who destroyed the art table on December 2nd was actually a group of skateboarders who, just after jumping atop the display and smashing the Plexiglas, sped past me and headed north towards the steps near the North Cove to continue their destruction. A jogger who saw them and reported it within minutes to a police captain (who was nearby conducting a training exercise) and described the vandals but it was already too late. A few weeks later the same display at Rockefeller Park had a part ripped off but thankfully it was replaced…..If removing the other display and other art works is all we can do to stop the skateboarders from damaging public property, then what are we saying about ourselves? The PEP officers do little to discourage anti-social behavior. Living here has always been special and if not, then we are the losers.”


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One Response to Skateboarders vandalize esplanade art

  1. Adam says:

    The PEP officers are too busy following and harassing me!!!
    I’ve recorded and complained about the damage and was beaten for it.
    Rector gate is slowly being destroyed over the years.
    Remember, we have the most staffed PEP unit (40+) than any other area.
    Worthless, is the best answer and abusive.
    The skateboarders should be utilizing the $15 million skate park on the pier.
    These are the same group that smokes pot, in rector park at 10:30am break—and after 3:30 same spot. That’s what the skunk smell is folks!!!
    It’s been going on for years–unnoticed!
    Glad to see the neighborhood has finally opened its eyes.

    Thank you again to bptv for informing us!!!!

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