Sources Say: New Democrats in the House Humiliate Themselves on the First Day

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January 4, 2019- S2:E2

On the very first day of congress, the new leaders and faces of the Democrat party humiliated themselves more than we expected. Communist Ocasio-Cortez gave a cringe-provoking interview with 60 Minutes. Nancy Pelosi, at 78, is poised to lose badly against Trump of the budget standoff. She looks more repulsive than ever. And the first Muslims in congress sounded like ISIS wanting to “impeach the motherfucker” and wearing Sharia Law head scarves on the floor.

Just wait until the House committees overreach and try to impeach Trump. This will be a great year for the Republicans. Trump is smart enough to stand back and watch them implode.

“Sources Say” is the phrase used so often by CBS and other TV propaganda outlets to disguise their bogus reporting that runs with rumor instead of actual sources with real facts. The use of the term has become a parody. That is why we chose it as the name for our series.

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