Special thanks to Danny Meyer, Gristedes, and Hudson Produce

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Hudson Produce was the first store open Tuesday and quickly sold out

November 2, 2012 By Steven E. Greer

The community is expressing thanks to restaurateur Danny Meyer for opening his shops in Battery Park at the earliest possible times. Their TV screens were the only form of information for many since the Verizon Internet was down and cell phone towers were crashing.

Hudson Produce also stayed open throughout the storm and post-Sandy crisis. In the early hours, they were the only source for food. Gristedes then assisted and made special efforts to open.

Danny Meyer’s own North End Grill, normally the high-end fancy schmancy place, set up special tables in the bar area to serve regular folk. The North End Grill, and his other restaurant, Shake Shack, were one of the few in his collection open in the city given the power outages in Midtown. Manager Kevin Richer hired expensive car services to transport in his large staff.

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2 Responses to Special thanks to Danny Meyer, Gristedes, and Hudson Produce

  1. archimedes says:

    Yes, they are much appreciated!

  2. Gary Herman says:

    Many thanks to all the services and their staffs for the tireless hours spent working and efforts to ease the pain over the past week. Danny Meyer, Alan Philips, Hudson Gourmet, Battery Park City Gourmet to name a few we’re instrumental for my family…thanks.


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