Steven E. Greer, MD defeats Elon Musk and Twitter

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February 14, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

GREER WINS! After 4-years of being shut down by the deep state censors inside Twitter, my legal demands were obeyed. Twitter capitulated. @THEHCC is back.


Update February 25, 2023-

I won anther legal battle. After Twitter reactivate my account, they were still shadowbanning it. I was not allowed to get a blue check, for example. I complained. I then noticed that I am now able to get a blue check, which I did.

I am not sure if this is a good thing, really. I have mocked blue-checks on Twitter being controlled opposition stooges. If the blue check does not drive more followers, then I am cancelling.

Update March 3, 2023-

Twitter caved and allowed me to buy a blue check on February 25. However, they refused to actually give me a blue check. I sent legal letters and finally got a damn blue check today.

Update March 16, 2023-

After just 10-days of letting me have a blue check, the CIA-embeds revoked the blue check for no reason. I sent legal letters and the restored the blue check today.

Greer v Mehiel opened the door for Twitter to be sued for First Amendment violations

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