Rules to Stop Radicals

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April 26, 2020- Now in the Fourth Edition, with more than 100-pages of new essays updated for the Wuhan coronavirus abomination.

Rules to Stop Radicals is now available in paperback

March 26, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The Cover

About the cover, it is meant to be Rorschach test. You decide.

To the bubble-dwelling far-leftist, the pitch-fork-mob represents MAGA-hat-wearing, white supremacist, Trump supporters. They are marching to invade their pristine campuses that are havens for free thought.

To the populist, the iconic Stanford campus tower represents the Ivory Tower of coastal elites. The pitch-fork-mob represents sane Americans trying to enforce the constitution and topple the globalist surveillance capital companies (such as Google, which was started by Stanford students).

Back-Cover Summary

THIS MASTERPIECE of original essays by Steven E. Greer, MD awakens the reader to the pervasive corruption and fascism that has taken over the United States. But it does more than just hand-wring and doomsay. It provides a feasible plan of action.

This book provides a foundation of ideas for fighting fascist radicals that have striven to destroy America ever since it gained independence from British tyranny. It proposes that We the People need a bloodless Second American Revolutionary War.

History never ends. It keeps repeating. Each generation must fight the same battles. But we now also face an entirely new challenge never seen before by humankind: The rise of artificial intelligence empowered by your digital footprint, stolen from you, stored in the ether, and sold to third-parties for profit.

Congress has become so corrupted by lobbyist money that it no longer resembles what was planned by the Founding Fathers and created by the United States Constitution. The Executive Branch is not far behind on this downward spiral to perversion. The Judicial Branch lacks a military to back it and is vulnerable to political pressures.

A free and honest press is all that remains to protect and defend our civil liberties. Knowing this, the forces trying to destroy American sovereignty have aggressively taken over the media, turning most of the press into nothing but propaganda outlets of the far-left or the globalist companies that own them. This dystopian state is already a reality in the rest of the world, placing immense pressures on this country to conform.

Greer’s Rules to Stop Radicals explains how these efforts can be defeated. Americans must first be made aware of the threats and know the enemies hiding in the shadows. Then, the money supply can be cut off. Stop the money flowing from the plutocrats and globalist companies and the modern-day Bolshevik Revolution coup will fade into oblivion, once again, just as it did in The United States in 1918 after it attempted to spread from Russia.

President Trump arrived in the nick of time. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the efforts of the Obama administration to destroy the foundations and constitution of The United States of America would have been seen to completion.


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  1. Samantha says:

    Brett Favre just compared Colin Kaepernik with police pig socks to Pat Tillman an American hero who lost his life fighting for his country

    We are lost

    No one has courage anymore to admit BLM is a Marxist organization

    How Can we fight this war if we can’t even stop continuous fireworks in NYC for 6 hours every night

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