Steven E. Greer, MD sues New York for data on COVID ventilator deaths

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June 10, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

I was the first person to observe that the nursing home deaths in New York were not just caused by an Albany blunder, but rather were possibly manslaughter. I also stated in my book last year, and in the media, that the high death rates in New York were coming from the state-run hospitals, like Elmhurst, and were human error.

The hospitals were placing COVID patients (almost all people of color) on ventilators just to check the boxes and get paid higher DRGs granted to “COVID”. Then, the sedated and ventilated patients were not given proper care. The hospitals were putting the patients in corners of the ICU and essentially treating them like hospice patients. That is murder (not just manslaughter).

This is a bigger crime than the nursing home deaths. Recall, Cuomo’s administration decided to discharge COVID-infected patients and place them back into nursing homes where they would certainly kill other patients. However, with these hospital deaths, actual murder weapons were used in the form of mechanical ventilation.

We recently learned that Europe was even more flagrantly euthanizing people. I guarantee you that Governor Cuomo was trying to one-up his fellow governors and be Euro-liberal by engaging in euthanasia, and I plan to prove it.

Of note, the hospitals responsible for this genocide of brown people are within Alexandria Occasion-Cortez’s district. Chuck Schumer oversees this state too.

Here is my FOIL lawsuit just filed.

Update August 31, 2021- My lawyers did a great job with the reply brief. They found state law that states the NY Dept of Health is required to collect the data we seek that they claim does not exist. Here it is. 2021 8-30-2021 Greer reply to NY motion to move

Update February 2, 2023- The appeal was filed today. Here is the brief. It is worth reading. The State of New York does not want people to know the details of the ventilator deaths in early COVID, 2020.


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2 Responses to Steven E. Greer, MD sues New York for data on COVID ventilator deaths

  1. Rachel says:

    I support your efforts, please set up a legal defense fund.

  2. Margaret Donovan says:

    I admire your gutsiness and commitment.

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