Steven E. Greer, pro se litigator, pioneers new ways for federal courts to conduct oral arguments

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May 4, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, pro se litigator

In March, for my oral argument in the Second Circuit federal court of appeals, I was three-weeks ahead of my time. I saw back then, before the house-arrest orders, that it was ill-advised for me to travel on a jet to New York for a five-minute perfunctory oral argument.

So, I made an official motion to conduct the matter telephonically. However, the unimaginative thinkers on the judge panel decided to deny the motion. Then, only three-weeks later, guess what happened. The entire Second Circuit stopped in-person appearances and began the Steve Greer telephone method.

Now, we hear in the news that the actual Supreme Court is doing the same. I told you so.

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