Stunning lies from ousted NIH Director Francis Collins

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December 20, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

A) Watch outgoing NIH Director Francis Collins start the interview with their lame Omicron bogeyman they dreamed up over Thanksgiving to deflect blame from their failed vaccines. The facts are the following: A) Omicron is not prevalent in the United States yet. B) The massive 40% increase in hospitalizations occurred before Omicron was even discovered in South Africa. C) South African doctors immediately told the world that the Omicron was a mild common-cold type virus now and that the United States was using it for fearmongering. D) Omicron has absolutely nothing to do with this fourth wave of Delta. The majority of people getting sick have been fully vaccinated. It is irrefutable that their vaccines were poorly designed and gave now lost all efficacy.

B) Watch outgoing NIH Director Francis Collins dodge the question of why we should not conclude that the vaccines have lost efficacy given the fact that the NFL, and other institutions with near 100% vaccination rates, are having massive outbreaks. He then proceeds to spew some misleading data claiming that the vaccines still work. He then dismisses severity of illness of people getting sick as having “sniffles” or a brief fever. That is false. The outbreaks among the vaccinated are debilitating illnesses that last two-weeks and require hospitalization for basic food and water care. Then, in pure Orwellian doublespeak, he has the gall to urge people to still get vaccinated and implies that all of our problems are due to the unvaccinated.

C) Watch outgoing NIH Director Francis Collins get busted with an unexpected question about an NIH internal email uncovered whereby he smeared the Great Barrington Declaration doctors as “fringe epidemiologists”. They are highly qualified doctors from the best institutions in the world. He then said that his lockdowns saved hundreds of thousands of lives, which has zero evidence to support it, and ignores the millions of lives lost caused by failure to detect cancers because the healthcare systems were shut down, or the harms from being locked in one’s house, etc. This man is a war criminal

D) Cringe: Watch Francis Collins try to be some harmless “regular folk” guy by using colloquial words and “awe shucks” body language. He then had the gall to imply that the people who oppose him are the ones dividing the country based on vaccine status, which is the opposite of the truth. This is the communist doublespeak that inspired Orwell to write 1984.

E) Francis Collins’ entire interview displayed a man totally unqualified to be acting as a policymaker. He has never been elected to anything and holds no policy-making powers at the NIH. Nevertheless, the White House delegated immense powers to him. His Kamala-like bad performance is likely why Trump’s team kept him in the closet.

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