Survey: What do you think of Blue Smoke?

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Blue Smoke fried chicken basket and biscuitsDecember 4, 2014- So far, 1,400 people have viewed this post. 40 people have completed the survey. Click on the survey link below to see results.

October 9, 2014- What do you think of Blue Smoke? Take our short and painless survey by clicking here.

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19 Responses to Survey: What do you think of Blue Smoke?

  1. Survey Comment 2 says:

    It is not a big improvement. I do not like that they have removed all of the side dishes from the entrees and now charge $9 for them.

  2. Survey Comment 3 says:

    I had no problem with the old menu. Im actually looking forward to trying the new one. Hopefully soon

  3. Survey comment says:

    It’s decent, but not amazing. I was a fan of the old menu, tbh. The new one has some good items on it though.

  4. Survey comment says:

    It’s not nearly as good as the old menu. I always get the fried chicken, now it’s more fried chicken then I want and a higher price, $21.

    They serve it on a plate with brown paper which looks trashy and the fried chicken was dry and tough.

    I do like the new sugar cane sauce but that’s the only upgrade. Even the biscuit is just too rich.

  5. Survey comment says:

    Really never have gone there for the food but more for convenience–it’s fairly decent ambiance except for the screaming kids (which can usually be avoided by going late). It’s not really expensive relative to other restaurants nearby especially since Goldman moved in and the price of everything tripled (you definitely have to leave BPC and go to Manhattan to dine).

  6. Survey comment says:

    Much better, but they need to be more flexible and make substitutions.

  7. Survey comment says:

    It isn’t vastly different

  8. Survey comment says:

    Could have a few more items, but seems like a work in progress, so I’ll wait and see. Prices are slightly steep on some items. Would like to see a few more substantial ‘bar foods.’

  9. Survey comment says:

    Better healthy options but fried chicken not great and prices top high. Last time service was indifferent. I’d rather go to El Vez. Also not a big BBQ fan in general.

  10. Survey comment says:

    Interesting new southern items. spareribs are amazing.

  11. Survey comment says:

    not good the tomato stuff with steak is not good its a BBQ place -serve baked potatoes and some good vegetables its too frou frou or trying to be if you pay that much for a steak you want to be full the weird vegetables not cutting it

  12. Survey comment says:

    Only thing I’ve noticed is burgers are no longer on the menu or seamless? What happened there? I liked the bacon cheddar burger a lot–best in the area.

  13. Survey comment says:

    The new menu is horrible – how is this still a bbq place?

    Used to go pretty frequently as a family but now go other places.

  14. Survey Comment says:

    We used to LOVE Blue Smoke. We were delighted when they moved into our neighborhood, it became our favorite spot, and we even had our engagement party there. We went at least once a month, knew all the servers, and enjoyed almost every dish on the menu. The new menu is a complete disappointment and a foolish move – why fix what isn’t broken? Why change a winning brand?

    The new dishes aren’t anything special and certainly not worth the higher prices, and a lot of the old favorites are gone.

    When you go to a BBQ restaurant, you want BBQ. Blue Smoke used to focus on great BBQ and delicious, unique takes on traditional sides (hush puppies, fry bread, etc).

    Now it’s almost indistinguishable from a lot of other generic American restaurants. We are deeply disappointed, miss our old favorite spot, and sadly won’t be going back anymore as long as the new menu stays.

    From the look of the diminishing crowds, it looks like we’re not the only ones.

  15. Survey comment says:

    I really dislike the new menu. Blue Smoke used to be my “go-to” place after movies with the kids. Now its much more expensive for basically the same food.

    We ordered the fish stew and the pulled pork. The fish was dry and overcooked and and the pork was mediocre at best.

    Very disappointed in the new menu.

  16. Survey Comment says:

    Put some burgers on the menu and it will be great.

  17. Survey Comment says:

    Great design. Brisket is a big improvement.

  18. Survey Comment says:

    Absolute disaster. They have lost my wife and I as a customer.

    We live in BPC and go to just El Vez now.

  19. scott says:

    I gave up on Blue Smoke a year ago. Marginal service and the menu is very average.

    No differentiating reason to choose them.

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