Taste of Tribeca leaves one scratching their head

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taste of Tribeca

(Correction: see comments section)

May 17, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I stumbled into the Taste of Tribeca event on Duane and Greenwich Streets today. It looked as if almost all of the restaurants participated, which got my hopes up.

However, I did not like the small “tasting” dishes they had lined out. I assumed it was because they were free samples, but no!

To get some chow, one has to fork over $50 for tickets that purchase six “tastings”. Each of these tiny things is $8 a pop, and there is no place to sit. One has to roam around holding the paper plates.

The lamebrains who run this have done a terrible job planning it. On the website, it is not apparent who exactly is in charge (or to blame).

The best way to run a food fair is to have it à la carte like the Brooklyn people do it. Hopefully this critical story will serve as a constructive catalyst for next year. The basic idea is a good one.

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2 Responses to Taste of Tribeca leaves one scratching their head

  1. Battery Park Dad says:

    This is a fundraiser for PS 234 that has been going in for 20 years. All of the restaurants donate the food and the proceeds go to the school. So really is a charity event versus a true foodie Fest (like Brooklyn). Very successful and nice to see the local places pitch in to help out the school. Next year hit up the Odean ice cream booth for a nice scoop of the good stuff and grab a few hand rolls from Takahashi and Tokyo Bay. You won’t get your money’s worth but it’s for charity! 😉

  2. Editor says:

    Ohhhhh! Thank you for clarifying. Now I understand.

    They do not make it clear that it is a charity.

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