Tech company invasiveness is out of control

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Google big brotherOctober 11, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

Boy, Google is an invasive cancer.

I am very obsessive about cleaning my Firefox browser cookies and history about 100-times a day. I never stay logged in to websites like Twitter or Google, and I get a new IP address every day.

As a result, I do not get spied upon by aggressive marketing campaigns that feature custom ads based on my previous online purchases, etc. I also can use online newspapers for free even when they have a ten-view limit per month, because my online fingerprint all resets the next day.

However, I recently have noticed that my security had been breached somehow. For example, a Zappos purchase of shoes triggered the Google ads on my BatteryPark.TV website to also feature the same shoes, etc. The online New York Times was cutting me off, etc.

I figured it out. I realized that I have been accidentally logged into Google’s YouTube for a week or so. Even when you reset the browser, this invasive Google does not log one out. Being logged into Google exposed my Internet behavior to the entire world.

Congress needs to limit the power of these tech companies. It is out of control.

Unlike the lame argument by the NSA that the spying is needed, the invasive stalking of Facebook, Google, etc. has absolutely no purpose other than to drive revenue to those tech companies at your expense.

You probably are shrugging now, resigning to the fact that you have no privacy. Well, think about your kids who are glued to their smartphones. Are they getting invasive ads about vapor cigarettes, or synthetic marijuana, or porn?

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