Tess Huxley’s PEPs pass out fliers addressing dog excrement

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February 16, 2012

In response to the growing problem of bad dog owners allowing their pets to defecate on the esplanade and sidewalks of BPC, then not pick up the mess, Tess Huxley’s PEPs have begun to pass out fliers. This excrement problem was discussed last year at the BPCA “town hall” meeting.

It is unclear why the problem has arisen, although Tess Huxley, and her boss Gayle Horwitz, seem to have swung the enforcement pendulum in the extreme opposite after the Adam Pratt beating scandal. Recall, the PEPs were harassing dog owners who were simply walking their dogs. Now, the PEP seem to be not enforcing rules against bad dog owners who fail to pick up after their pets. This is a new problem not seen to this extent prior to 2011, according to all residents who email BP.TV with comments.

Fliers passed out recently by the PEP of BPC

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One Response to Tess Huxley’s PEPs pass out fliers addressing dog excrement

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another personal targeted adventure. I would love to file a FOIL request to see the details of the PEP REEDUCATION campaign.

    The focus and objectives of BPC are totally out of WHACK. It starts at top.

    Great coverage by BPTV….because the broadsheet copy’s the investigative reporting by the DOC and his team.

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