The 1/6/2021 Capitol Riot Was Worse Than Pearl Harbor

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January 6, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The funny thing about January 6, 2021 is that it really was as important, if not more so, than Pearl Harbor. I was one of the first people to write that. But I meant it in the exact opposite way the Great Reset propagandist are using it now.

It was important because it was a staged coup by Nancy Pelosi and her Capitol Police Nazi stooges. The entire Great Reset oligarchy that colluded to get rid of Trump helped in this hoax. They used the Capitol to prevent the process of contesting the electoral college votes.

One year later, we are living under a non-democratic totalitarian state with a fake president who has severe dementia and is controlled like a puppet. Every member of the executive branch is actively trying to destroy the United States with hyperinflation, weaponization of the United States Postal Office, IRS, and Department of Justice, creating fake supply chain crises, forcing gene therapies into us, and so on. It all was started on January 6. That FBI PsyOp prevented the electoral college from being contested.

Pearl Harbor and the attacks of 9/11/2001 were genuine attacks to the United States that killed thousands of people. However, they failed to harm the actual nation because we fought back against Germany, Japan, and Radical Islam. In contrast, the Great Reset coup has taken over the country and replaced democracy with a new form of totalitarian government. The constitution is currently an unenforceable law. If 1/6/2021 symbolizes the Great Reset coup, then it was far more important than any attack to the United States before.

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