How to properly study autism

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Update January 8, 2024- I just saw this September 28, 2023 talk by Bill Ackman, above. It was three days after my essay, below.

This is the pertinent part of the essay as it relates to Ackman’s talk, “Back to autism: The people who think the vaccines might be the cause are not crazy. However, we lack the evidence to prove it now, and we will never be able to prove the relationship between vaccines and autism because autism is a junk diagnosis.”

In my earlier essay at the bottom, “This is complicated. Much of what the Kennedy cult says about the vaccines is true. Except, they are wrong about many other things. They make incorrect leaps in logic and false conclusions about many things.”

Important people, such as Bobby Kennedy’s whole team, read it. Are you telling me that Ackman was not repackaging my ideas?

Ironically, Ackman is famous now for exposing plagiarism by the former President of Harvard. Opponents in Business Insider then reported that his wife, a former MIT professor, failed to insert quotations in a publication (i.e., plagiarism). Now, I discover this.

What Mr. Ackman is doing here with my work is similar to what Tucker Carlson did and why I am suing Carlson. It is a misappropriation of ideas. It is not plagiarism, per se. Nevertheless, it is unethical.

September 25, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I wonder if the entire paradigm of “autism” should be blown up. It has been hijacked by special interests and morphed into this “spectrum” nonsense.

There are countless autism societies and advocacy groups. A lot of people are making money from “non-profits”. The more inclusive the definition of autism is, the more attention and money these groups get.

I was bored and scrolling Instagram. Doug Flutie caught my attention. I did not remember how his pro career went, so I looked him up (he did well for 21-years). That is when I recalled that he has a son with what the doctors call “childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), a very rare autism spectrum disorder”.

His son was developing normally until age 3, when something happened. It is not autism in my book, as I will explain.

Flutie’s son is now in his 30s. He has small muscles and clearly has some sort of neurodegenerative issue. If nerve fibers are not working and the muscles atrophy, that is not “autism”. That’s a neurodegenerative disease where somehting attacked the brain and spinal cord. But this man has been labeled as being merely autistic.

Autism is just too broad of a definition now. It is a junk diagnosis. Autism connotes a form of mental retardation and not a neurological disease akin to ALS or Parkinson’s.

What few people realize, even doctors, is how meaningless many neurological diagnoses are. I learned way back in medical school how the “epilepsy” diagnosis can be misused. There are the people with genuine and obvious seizures. But the neurologists will label almost anybody with epilepsy. We had a pediatric patient who was clearly malingering, or faking epilepsy. We caught him doing so. But the attending neurologist refused to remove the label. I had a discussion with the doctor, and he was just irrational.

Back to autism: The people who think the vaccines might be the cause are not crazy. However, we lack the evidence to prove it now, and we will never be able to prove the relationship between vaccines and autism because autism is a junk diagnosis.

I have done clinical trials before. If my goal were to get an NIH grant and try to prove some sort of correlation with a strong p-value, I would focus on a very specific type of so-called autism, whatever it may be, and I would narrow the study down to just that category.

Take Doug Flutie, for example. Whatever it is that his son has, it is rare. That means a researcher could gather up most of the patients, review their charts, and see if they got a vaccine right before the symptoms.

As another example, Asperger’s syndrome is currently part of the autism spectrum, along with Doug Flutie’s son’s condition. However, it is a completely different neurological problem.

Elon Musk and David Byrn (of the Talking Heads music group) think they have a form of Asperger’s and yet are highly successful. Whatever they have, it seems to me that it is unrelated to what Doug Flutie’s son has.

Who thought of this concept of the spectrum? Without doubt, some autism cases are more severe than others, but that does not mean neurodegenerative conditions should be lumped in with mild behavioral changes.

No disease can ever be cured if it is not diagnosed properly. We now know that diseases once lumped into the same baskets as breast or colon cancer are distinct and different cancer types that require different treatments. It seems to me that the “autism spectrum” paradigm makes people working at non-profits wealthy while hindering diagnoses. It should be dropped from the medical vernacular.

The anti-vaccine cult plaguing Bobby Kennedy

September 23, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

This essay is critical of the anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists surrounding Robert Kennedy, Jr. But don’t jump to conclusions. It is irrefutably true that almost no vaccine has been properly tested or has efficacy data, and that the ingredients in vaccines (i.e., mercury and graphene) are unsafe. The problem is that the concept of being critical of vaccines has been hijacked by people who behave like a cult.

I am spotting a pattern among these prolific podcasters and lectures who gained fame after the pandemic. In many cases, they have been correct about the stupidity of lockdowns or the safety of the COVID vaccines. However, it is like a broken clock being correct twice a day. The rest of what they say is just bat-shit crazy.

The pattern is that they have some sort of medical degree, whether it’s a DO or an MD, and that gives them credibility with most people. But they are not usually working at credible jobs. Again, please do not make incorrect conclusions from those statements. Plenty of solo practice doctors are highly credible.

For 23 years, I have been forensically analyzing clinical trial date as part of my Wall Street stock-picking job. Even among medical center “thought leader” doctors who do clinical trials, I can spot the frauds.

Perhaps my standards are too high. Maybe I have been too hard on some of these doctors, I have thought. But I don’t think so.

Before Wall Street, I was doing clinical research of my own in one of the most respected research programs in the country. I learned back then that there are two camps of medical scientists. There are the frauds who will manipulate data to further their careers, and there are the honest doctors.

Psychologically, these COVID-famous doctors seem to be drunk with the attention they have been getting since 2020. These are nerds or cast-outs who have never had any fame previously. There is a switch that seems to go off when they first started to get attention and they can’t give it up.

In contrast, I must be unusual in that I truly don’t give two hoots about that sort of thing. As you know, for many years, I was on Fox News and many other TV shows. I got sick of it. The only person who liked it was my mother. I would much rather write a meaningful essay or newspaper article. Fox News made me a written employment offer and I rejected them because it wasn’t enough money. Most people would have grabbed it.

This morning, there was a link in a story that led me to this Substack article on the 1918 Spanish flu. I think it is mostly a correct essay. The Spanish flu is something almost certainly caused by chemical warfare of World War I. The people who dropped dead suddenly were not influenza patients. It was very likely that their lungs were damaged by our own military doing gas testing on them.

However, as I read the article, I noticed that it was a bit long-winded and rambling. At the end, I saw that the doctor had a graphic of her weekly schedule. She does multiple podcasts every day. That is not normal behavior. She is a zealot and deranged, in my opinion.

Her name, Sherri Tenpenny, sounded familiar. Sure enough, she is the DO who had her license revoked in Ohio. Long before COVID, she was an ardent anti-vaccine activist. (Like a broken clock, she was correct about the Pfizer and Modern Warp Speed gene therapies being bad.)

This is the pattern that fits with almost every high-profile doctor who has risen to “fame” since 2020. I personally met many of them at Bobby Kennedy’s April launch in Boston.

For example, I was in the hotel lounge talking to various people. One of them was a PhD who has gotten lot of attention among the cult. I quickly surmised in our conversation that he was spewing nonsense. He was telling me many times how he had “students”, but the guy was not even a professor at a real medical center. He does zoom meetings and calls them students.

I could list 10 other examples of people who are shady fringe COVID activist doctors. Laypersons listening to them don’t know enough to realize that they are shady fringe doctors. These doctors are cult leaders giving the distraught masses what want to hear.

Back to my Fox days: They started to use me as their go-to medical doctor for any topic. It was disturbing to me how none of the producers were doing their homework. I could literally have said anything on TV and would have believed me. For example, Bill O’Reilly had me on his top-rated show talking about radiation from the Fukushima plant in Japan. I happened to be correct about everything I said, but how would he know? That’s when I realized how easy it is to fool people in mainstream media if you have a degree behind your name.

Regarding Bobby Kennedy and his campaign, I have interacted with many of his campaign staff, and also people from his Children’s Health Defense. He has a big cult following, in my opinion. He has a legion of anti-vaccine nut-jobs working for him.

This is complicated. Much of what the Kennedy cult says about the vaccines is true. Except, they are wrong about many other things. They make incorrect leaps in logic and false conclusions about many things. I have also caught them believing that Tower 7 on September 11 was blown up by explosives and not as a consequence of the airplanes. I have even caught a few of them thinking that the moon landing was fake.

These anti-vaccine nuts are just conspiracy theorists. Yes, the majority of vaccines given to kids are unnecessary and untested. Yes. The vaccines may very well cause autism. But none of that has been proven. Yet they go about lecturing and doing podcasts as if it’s a proven fact. They are the Alex Jones’ of medicine.

None of them are really famous, by the way. They are what I call “Twitter famous”. Social media is the big fraud of our time. A million views on twitter-X translates into nothing in real life. Tucker Carlson’s X shows are getting hundreds of millions of views and he is earning nothing from them. In contrast, his old Fox show, with 2 million viewers, paid him $30 million a year.

In April, I saw Del Bigtree at the Kennedy event. He is that guy who thinks we are still in the era of Fox News and tries to have a TV gimmick appearance by wearing a vest all the time. I didn’t know who he was, but his face was familiar. I was startled to realize that he had an ego about him as if he were some big famous person. I came really close to calling him Twitter famous. How did someone like that become even moderately followed by people? You guessed it. He was an anti-vaccine nut.

It’s a cult.

Bobby Kennedy has impressed me as stating controversial comments backed up by evidence. He has been a real lawyer for decades and knows to only speak the truth. I am encouraging his campaign to shut down his Children’s Health Defense, or turn it into a legal effort focused on lawsuits against Pfizer, for example.

The “anti-vax” label slapped on him is warranted and he needs to distance himself from the loony California Karens. Instead, he needs to surrounds with credible people like Eric Clapton and Florida Surgeon General Eric Ladapo.

(Dr. Ladapo should be RFK’s VP pick. He would deliver the Florida and black vote, perfectly offset Mike Obama, and bring credibility to all-things COVID).



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    Ladapo is brilliant, articulate and courageous. I believe he is a destined to have an illustrious political career.

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