Beaubourg at Le District: BPC’s second fine dining restaurant

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Beaubourg entrance pussy willowApril 25, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

In the restaurant section of Le District sits Beaubourg. It is Battery Park’s second white tablecloth restaurant, coming three years after Danny Meyer’s North End Grill, and none too soon. There is tremendous demand for good affordable food in BPC.

Beaubourg entrance pussy willowBeaubourg entranceThe design firm ICRAVE created an inviting space with an open well lit feel. The booths and chairs are the proper height and not uncomfortable.

Beaubourg hostess 3Walking in, one is greeted by two levels of reservation desks (and soon to be a third when the chef table opens), both staffed with attractive hostesses. The bar area also has the properly designed tables and chairs that are elevated so that people are not staring at the butts of people in the bar standing (This is a problem at North End Grill).

Beaubourg hostessBeaubourg wine glass and roseBecause Beaubourg is backed up by an entire French marketplace, the fish, meat, and baked goods are the freshest.

Beaubourg fish on ice salmon Beaubourg fish on iceHaving a bakery on site is something that separates fine dining from the rest. Bâtard bakes their own bread, as do both Thomas Keller restaurants, etc.

Beaubourg bread Beaubourg charcuterieCharcuterie plate (Saucisson , Duck rillette, Peppercorn liver mousse, Proscuito)
Beaubourg saladSalad Beaubourg (mesclun, goat cheese from Vermont, smoked duck ham, walnut, herbs de provence dressing)

Chef chef de cuisine Nicolas Abello brought out several entrees. The Salmon en papillotte (steamed in a bag then prepared at the table) was a nice surprise.

Beaubourg salmon in bag being cut Beaubourg salmon openedSalmon en papillotte ( Julienne of steam vegetable, endives, confit tomatoes, fried leeks and cilantro)
Beaubourg scallopSeared Scallops (shitake poached in chicken consomme and brunoise)

The braised lamb stew was tender and savory. It should stay on the menu year round. To heck with convention that it is a cold season meal.

Beaubourg braised pork stewSeared Scallops (shitake poached in chicken consomme and brunoise)

The desserts were very good. The ice cream inside the Chocolate Profiterole was made by the pastry chefs and just right. This is a good omen for the ice cream shop to open in the market soon.

Beaubourg Napoleon dessert Napoleon
Beaubourg puff pastry ice cream dessertChocolate Profiterole ( Pate a choux with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce)

For white tablecloth dining, the prices are reasonable. Most entrees were under $30, so two people can eat well for $120. This makes Beaubourg appropriate for the families of BPC too.

If you try out Beaubourg, ask for the COO of Le District, Laurent, and tell him you want special treatment because you are a BP.TV viewer.

Beaubourg chef and waiter

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