“The best restaurant manager ever”

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El Vez chefs and manager in burrito barOctober 31, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

I was chatting with a restaurant manager last night and we were gossiping about the local stores. The topic of El Vez and the former manager, James Roberts, came up (He is now the GM at The Clocktower). The manager surprised me by how much he profusely praised Mr. Roberts, saying things, such as, “He is the best manager I have ever met.”

I too liked Mr. Roberts when he was at El Vez. My only complaint about him was that he had hired some bad junior managers. But that was misguided of me. I forget that I am not in the bubble world of surgery or high finance.

After going to the flagship Apple store last night and receiving horrendous service, I realized that the crop of employees to choose from this millennial generation is slim pick’ns. They all have a much higher regard for themselves than what they can actually deliver. There is a disconnect between their bearded-cool-hipness and reality.

Our school systems are giving them good grades when they should really be failing. They all get trophies for just showing up to soccer practice, etc. The result is a generation of idiots who think they should be CEO’s, just like Taylor Swift or JZ.

So, to find anyone willing to do the tough job of hospitality is rare. It is rarer still to find anyone with competence. Then, once you do, they leave for a better job.

I have known this to be true for the kitchen staff, because I did that job in college. However, I have had less tolerance for bad managers.

Anyway, I forgive Mr. Roberts for hiring the current staff at El Vez.

(Aside: The solution is to replace most waiters with iPads at the tables and have just roving managers)

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