The biggest real estate event Downtown is receiving almost no press

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ICE culinary brookfield floor planApril 11, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

The “news” is so lame that rarely is a mainstream story published that wasn’t initiated by a PR firm. As a result, the biggest development with the Brookfield Place project has gone unnoticed because the backers have not yet put their PR teams in motion.

In approximately two weeks, something twice the size of Le District will open on the third floor of Brookfield: The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). At 74,000 square-feet, it will span from Liberty Street to the edge of Equinox gum.

Their website states, “New York City’s oldest culinary school is about to become its newest. In spring 2015, the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) will be moving from its longtime home in the Flatiron district to 225 Liberty Street in Brookfield Place. The new lower Manhattan location will extend across 74,000 square feet, with Hudson River views to the west and World Trade Center views to the east.

At our new facility, thirteen teaching kitchens and four lecture spaces extend over a single expansive floor, focusing the energy of the school and enhancing our students’ day-to-day educational experience.

Innovation and Technology

ICE’s new facility will provide students with access to equipment from leading culinary brands and facilities that represent the highest professional standard in culinary creativity and technology:

  • Culinary classrooms equipped with gas, French top and induction burners, representing the full range of preferred cooking methods across the globe
  • Culinary Technology Lab featuring modernist cooking equipment, as well as specialty tandoor, plancha, rotisserie and stone hearth ovens
  • A featured kitchen outfitted with a Jade island range – ideal for teaching “brigade” team cooking
  • Dedicated spaces for mixology and wine studies
  • An indoor hydroponic herb garden and vegetable farm

Advanced Training for Food Artisans

The resources at our new facility also recognize that artisanal production and “housemade” ingredients have now surpassed the status of trends and constitute an essential area of culinary study which ICE will provide to students via:

  • Artisanal chocolate studio featuring “bean to bar” production equipment
  • Space and equipment for charcuterie curing, drying and aging
  • A dedicated kitchen for large format smoking and stock-making”
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