The biggest villain in Batman is the derivatives trader

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July 21, 2012 By Steven Greer

The latest Batman quite good. It is the best film of the year, in my opinion. Battery Park and the nearby Wall Street are featured throughout this epic classic film (as they are in many other blockbusters).

The director and writer, Christopher Nolan, got a bit lucky because his plot is now more poignant than he could have imagined. Long after they wrapped filming, the JPMorgan London Whale derivatives losses hit (along with many more Wall Street scandals), and the movie plot of Batman losing his fortune in bad “put options” was life imitating art. As Warren Buffet said, derivatives are weapons of mass destruction and, even in the Batman movie, they are far more scary that the villain Bane.

Other miscellaneous observations I made were that if Leonardo DiCaprio were in Batman, then the cast and director would have been the same as the movie Inception. Also, The Lord of the Rings movies are still the only ones that I have ever personally witness receive a standing ovation at the end. People tried after my Batman screening, but it fizzled (I look forward to Peter Jackson’s Hobbits this December).


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