The black Republican party

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August 26, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

After Day 2 of the Republican National Convention, it is pretty clear that Trump and all of the other Republicans are going to create a red-state tsunami, taking over the house and keeping the White House. The communist Democrats are not happy one bit.

You can see it on the faces of the cable TV propaganda mouthpieces of the Democrat party. Even black Don Lemon on CNN admitted that the riots in Wisconsin are not what blacks want and that the images could cost the Democrats the election.

It is also pretty clear that Trump is going to take a huge percentage of the black vote, which is the death knell for the Democrat party. There has never been a greater number and more credible list of black speakers at a Republican convention. Herschel Walker was great. Senator Scott was too, and Baltimore black Republican candidate Kimberly Klacik is already a superstar.

Trump even pardoned a black man who was a convicted felon, to showcase his other criminal reforms, which is a hot button topic for the black community. Barack Obama and Joe Biden did none of those reforms.

Regular working Americans of African heritage are waking up to the fact that the big city hell holes have been run into the ground by Democrats. Many of their policies have created new form of slavery that makes black communities reliant on government programs that fail them.

The school books are controlled by liberals and Democrat teachers union. Therefore, few people realize that the Democrat party is literally the party of slavery. It was the Democrats who opposed Republican President Lincoln and then backed the Confederate secession over slavery. After losing the Civil War, those Confederate soldiers then formed the powerful Ku Klux Klan to violently intimidate blacks from exercising their new voting rights. This is not ancient history either. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK. He was in congress for 41-years until 2010 when he died. He was never kicked out of office. The Clintons proudly spoke at his funeral.

Sadly, Trump is doing this all by himself. The Republicans in Congress are spineless cowards allowing the communists to destroy this country with rioting and unconstitutional, unscientific, lockdown mandates for the last six months. These are scars that this country will not recover from. Everything you see on TV is now being excepted as normal and will be repeated in future generations. One day, the communists will win if we continue to elected corrupt politicians.

By successfully reaching out to the black community, Trump will win re-election. After that, there needs to be a purging, once and for all, of the Never-Trump RINO so-called Republicans. They are as bad as the Democrats. No more Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnells or Mike DeWines.

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  1. Dr B says:

    You said a number of powerful things here:

    “Even Don Lemmon on CNN admitted that these riots in Wisconsin are not what blacks want and that they could cost them the election.”

    “…which is the death knell for the Democrat party”

    “I’ve never seen a greater number and more credible list of black speakers at a republican convention. Herschel Walker was great. ”

    “Sadly, Trump is doing this all by himself.”

    “These are scars that this country will not recover from. “ (BALTIMORE, NEWARK, DETROIT NEVER RECOVERED FROM THE RIOTS 50 YEARS AGO

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