The Broadsheet’s pro-BPCA agenda shines through on Asphalt Green scandal

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Matt Fenton, author of the Broadsheet article, during the Asphalt Green discussion, September 4, CB1 meeting


Update September 7, 2012

Three days after or critical opinion piece on the non-coverage in the Broadsheet of the Asphalt Green delays, the local advertising flier finally posted a story. However, the story by reporter Matt Fenton simply reiterates the sequence of events during the meeting and makes the lamest of lame attempts to “investigate” the real reasons for Gayle Horwtiz’s BPCA in delaying the opening of the multi-million dollar complex.

“Pulitzer Matt”, as we like to call him, actually made some calls to Asphalt Green to ask them whether BPCA and they were secretly working on renegotiating the contract. Shockingly, they denied anything of the sort.

Now that’s reporting, folks. Battery Park continues to be fortunate to have the stellar reporting from publisher Robert Simko and Matt Fenton, both of whom earn revenue directly and indirectly from Gayle Horwitz’s BPCA (via the Parks Conservancy).


September 5, 2012  By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV previously reported on the bias in reporting of the local advertising flier “The Broadsheet” and the “BroadsheetDAILY” and the financial payments it receives from the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA). As further evidence that the Broadsheet is a paid-commercial for the BPCA, the BroadsheetDAILY makes no mention of the highly important Community Board meeting last night which discussed the ongoing delays in the opening of Asphalt Green caused by the BPCA. Instead, publisher Robert Simko and local resident Matt Fenton produced a fluff piece human interest story on the new BPCA Chairman, Robert Mehiel. Both Mr. Fenton and Mr. Simko were present at the CB1 meeting.

BatteryPark.TV has requested an interview with the new Chairman and was rejected by media relations for the BPCA. In fact, BatteryPark.TV is not even allowed into the offices of the Authority. In stark contrast, the Broadsheet, which demonstrates a strong pro-BPCA bias of omission by consistently failing to report anything that would be negative to the current BPCA, seems to be rewarded with exclusive stories and access to the new Chairman.

Most of the buildings in BPC allow the Broadsheet printed version to clutter the doorman desktop counters giving the Broadsheet essential visibility and credibility, that it then uses to solicit advertisements from the local businesses in the area. If you find this offensive, contact your building management.

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