The CIA just threw Biden out of office

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April 24, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

Mike Morell, the former twice acting Director of the CIA, has thrown Joe Biden out of office, it seems. The news last week that he testified behind closed doors before a House committee was an unusual act. It was a rare case of a spy agency chief telling the truth to Congress. He did not have to do that.

For those who follow political news carefully, try to think of the last time a spy agency chief has either not avoided testimony or simply lied to congress. As just one example, James Clapper, the Director of the national Intelligence Agencies, was dragged before the Senate in 2103 and lied when asked whether the government collected data on Americans. He replied, “…no, or at least not wittingly.” Clapper was never prosecuted. The Deep State can lie to congress with impunity and they know it.

When Morell truthfully spilled the beans on the origin of the infamous letter, signed by more than 50 top spies, that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian Hoax, he also implicated Secretary of State Blinken. Morell said that Blinken ordered him to concoct the hoax letter before the 2020 election to sway the outcome in favor of Biden.

(Also, the IRS whistleblower who came forward last week to state that AG Garland was preventing them from prosecuting Hunter Biden is not some martyr like Ed Snowden. He was given the green light to do that.)

The spy agencies are the force pushing the Ukraine war. Now that China has sided with Russia, the spy agencies are retaliating. That is why we saw the news from the U.S. government recently reports that the virus came from the Wuhan lab. That was retaliation to China.

This soon-to-be ouster of Joe Biden is also retaliation against China. The Biden family is highly compromised and under the control of the Chinese communist party. That is what the Hunter Biden investigation is all about. They have been receiving money from China and then doing favors for China in return. It has been treason. The CIA wants Joe Biden out because he is helpful to the Chinese.

Look for Biden to soon resign claiming health reasons after prosecution of Hunter Biden begins. The vacant vice president slot could be filled by whomever the CIA or China wants to be the next presidential candidate.

If Gavin Newsom is promoted in the media, then China still holds sway over the swamp dwellers in DC. If it is someone else, then China has lost its grip.

The Deep State choice to be the Democrat candidate in 2024 will certainly NOT be Bobby Kennedy. He is more of a threat to the Deep State than Trump.

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