The Communists are already benefiting from the loss of Tucker Carlson

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May 12, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

The loss of Tucker Carlson as a powerful voice is already helping the communists who took him out. Two days ago, the Republican House detailed, like a U.S. Attorney press conference, how the head of the Chinese Communist Party is bribing the President of the United States. It is treason.

However, only Fox News covered it. It is now a non-story despite being the biggest story in politics ever.

Sadly, human beings need to be told what to think. Even ardent Trump supporters are not paying attention to important events, or are unable to see them.

The threat of Tucker Carlson coming back even bigger on Twitter is causing the same communists (i.e., the crooked CIA and FBI) to pressure Elon Musk to hire a globalist CEO who will reinstate censorship. Look for the return of shadowbanning.

The people who have broken all of these laws to get Biden into power know that they will go to jail if they lose the 2024 election. They have nothing to lose and no longer are even pretending to hide what they are doing.

They are arresting political opponents like Trump. That has never been done before. They changed the New York law to get rid of the statute of limitations so they could sue Trump for a bogus sexual Assault. They raided a former President’s home. They flagrantly violated the First amendment by taking down Project Veritas and Tucker Carlson. (In Europe, they are brazenly confiscating private farm land).

We are dealing with radical communism. The WEF admits that it is “Expediting Agenda 2030”.

Bobby Kennedy, as a powerful Kennedy and presidential candidate, needs to help support Tucker Carlson and other voices. The 20 or so Freedom Caucus Republicans need to make protecting free-speech their top priority. Ron DeSantis and attorneys general from conservative states need to start fighting back.

This week was an escalation of the communist coup. Yet I see nobody talking about it. We need to wake up and act.

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