The conspiracy-theory-nutjobs who think the 9/11 towers were the act of planned demolition explosives

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September 11, 2023- by Steven Greer

Twenty-two-years after the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks, I am seeing a growing legion of genuine “conspiracy theorist” nutjobs who think that Tower 7 was brought down by government-planted explosives. Some even think that the hijacked jets did not cause the Twin Towers to fall and those too were the targets of explosives.

There were thousands of people who saw with their own eyes the jets crash into the towers. There were millions who saw it on TV.

The flame pattern after the jets crashed was proof that jet fuel caused the explosion. Numerous engineering studies show how easily tall towers collapse when just a portion if disrupted.

The nearby Tower 7 is what is getting the most conspiracy attention. That Tower was well within the blast radius of the collapsing buildings. It was a house of cards, a glass house, easily felled like a Jenga game. The WTC’s across the highway (now called Brookfield Place), much further away, were almost toppled. This video shows how easy it was to bring it down. 

If there is a true conspiracy, it is in the form of the CIA knowing about Osama Bin Laden’s plans all year long and George W Bush, CIA head Mike Morell, etc all ignoring the warnings. But there is no doubt that hijacked planes felled the New York Towers, the Pentagon, and crashed into a farm field in Pennsylvania.

The same morons falling for these conspiracies, so easily disproved as I just did, are the ones who went along with the lockdowns and vaccines lies. They are the same ones who think that inflation and Trump winning in 2016 were caused by Putin.

There is a large percentage of any population that does not deserve to be taken seriously. They are the weaklings carried on the shoulders of the rest of us.

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2 Responses to The conspiracy-theory-nutjobs who think the 9/11 towers were the act of planned demolition explosives

  1. Denise Painter says:

    Actually not true. Very few people who wore masks and took the jab believe the government took down these buildings. Other than that, I agree.

  2. Michael Salzhauer says:

    You’re right. My structural engineer was a young engineer on the original project. I was on the phone with him that day. He told me it would fall almost as fast as gravity would let it. I was incredulous. He was right.

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