The Constitution is Outdated

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December 20, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

I have never understood what the words “misdemeanor” or “high crimes” meant as they pertain the impeachable offenses in Section II, Article 4 of the United States Constitution. So, I asked around. Nobody knows.

The framers of the constitution relied on old English ways. Their “misdemeanor” term goes back to the 1300’s. Good grief. It is a meaningless word.

A legal treatise states, “The phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” in the context of impeachments has an ancient English history, first turning up in the impeachment of the Earl of Suffolk in 1388.”

I actually somewhat agree with the far-left communists who want to abolish the constitution, but for polar opposite reasons. The constitution is woefully outdated and irrelevant in many ways. It is time for a constitutional convention. The pendulum in western democracies has swung away from the Obama Doctrine towards populism. This would be a good time to update the document.

Off the top of my head, the following sections of the constitution need to be updated:

  1. Clarify the impeachment process to prevent this disgrace playing out in congress now from ever happening again
  2. Make it illegal for family members of appointed executive branch staff to benefit from the jobs of their government relatives- and add this to “impeachable offenses” section
  3. Strengthen the 4th amendment (i.e. The government cannot electronically spy on Americans, FISA is unconstitutional, etc.)
  4. Guarantee the right to privacy and the right to be forgotten on the Internet
  5. Clarify the term “militia” to make it legal for regular citizens to have arrest powers over members of congress when they violate the constitution
  6. Specifically state that hate speech is not a real thing and any “hate-speech” laws are unconstitutional
  7. Make it illegal for large corporations to own news outlets
  8. Strengthen antitrust anti-monopoly laws by making them part of the actual constitution
  9. Make it illegal to hold inanimate corporations criminally liable instead of the actual human executives
  10. Rule that inanimate corporations are not people
  11. Make it illegal to genetically engineer fetuses
  12. Make it illegal for the government to use weapons overseas unless congress declares war
  13. Ban super-delegates and gerrymandering
  14. Split the states of California and New York each into multiple new states
  15. Make the current model of lobbying illegal
  16. Install federal term limits
  17. Restrict federal spending and the Fed/Treasury ability to create fake assets and money

I for one am, “as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”, which I think is the public sentiment right now. The Democrats are so bad that they might serve as the nidus for constitutional reform.

The communists want to abolish the constitution. Fine. Call their bluff. Start a constitutional convention and clarify vague sections being exploited by the left and globalist corporations now.

Update: February 11, 2022- Nebraska joined other states in moving for a constitutional convention

Update: July 6, 2022- Far-left now want the constitution to be changed.

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3 Responses to The Constitution is Outdated

  1. Dr B says:

    You would have been an Anti-federalist when the Constitution was being drawn up. I am in complete agreement. You are what the Founders hoped citizens would be.

  2. William H Rutledge III says:

    You are spot on!

    I would add a requirement that all persons seeking a representative office of governance would be required to sign a well-written statement of standards contract addressing the personal ideologies, values, morals, financial and ethical behavior that each elected/appointed official must adhere to. Failure to conform to the accepted standard should result in removal from their position and charges brought against them for breach of contract.

    In addition, all persons employed in all levels of government should supply a very specific financial disclosure statement to an independent financial review board.

  3. Charles says:

    Absolutely brilliant suggestions. It’s so tragic when we have brilliant people who can resolve serious problems and yet we have stupid people who are completely in charge.

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