The death trap at Murray and West Streets

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Update, July 6 2012 By Steven Greer

Local resident Jim Hopkins wrote a letter to a local paper about a bicyclist that he witnessed struck by northbound traffic on the West Side Highway as he was crossing on Warren Street. The letter prompted follow-up letters also complaining about the incompetence of the “NYPD” traffic police.

BatteryPark.TV has previous reported that the uniformed, official-looking, NYPD traffic police, in fact, are civilians who have no authority to even issue moving violations. In the video below, in one short filming exercise, we captured numerous cars running red lights and jeopardizing pedestrians’ lives. This “death trap” will not be eliminated until officers with real law enforcement capabilities are stationed at the intersections, of Albany, Murray, and Warren Streets.

Update: March 20, 2012 by Steven Greer

As a result of BatteryPark.TV reporting, Goldman Sachs involvement, and the First Precinct, the NYPD traffic guards at the dangerous Murray Street have been nearly doubled in quantity, and the staff have been replaced. In addition, orange cones have been set up to help guide the traffic making left turns from Murray Northward onto West Street.

New NYPD traffic officers at Murray Street and West Side Highway

Looking Southward on West Street and Murray Street: extra traffic patrols and cones

New crossing signs with timers

August 31, 2011

By Steven Greer, MD

The local community, backed by Goldman Sachs, is trying to petition the DOT to open a Vesey Street crossing of the West Side Highway. However, less appreciated is the extreme danger at the Murray Street crossing. The interchange allows cars to heading north to make U-turns, and most pedestrians are unaware of this so they jaywalk when it looks safe, only to be dodging U-turning cars. In addition, cars, heading west are allowed to turn left (south) into the crossing pedestrians, and many drivers are running red lights turning east onto Murray greatly jeopardize pedestrians.

The crossing guards that both the city and the BPCA have posted are woefully unskilled and un-empowered to ticket moving violations. They do nothing to stop cars running red lights in front of their eyes.

Multiple people have been killed or harmed just a few blocks south at the Albany Street crossing. Will a future fatality occur at Murray Street as some banker walking while texting with iPod earphones in is mowed down?

September 22, 2011

BatteryPark.TV has also alerted local police and officials about the dangerous pedestrian crossing on South Albany. On September 14, according to a local blog, a pedestrian was struck by a car as she crossed South End by Rector Place. The problem on South End is caused by distracted drivers searching for parking spots and ignoring the road. The crossing guards, like the Murray Street problem, are also very ineffective. The solution is to have full NYPD officers with ticketing power stationed at the intersections. Automated red-light cameras might help as well.


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  1. Citizen of bpc says:

    The agents at Albany stand in the shade and never go into the street. Awful wasted expense. I do respect the 2 guys “Anthony ” at west Thames. They take their job with respect and greet everyone with a friendly gesture.
    Your area knows how to waste $$$$

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