Stranded ducklings in Battery Park City

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June 1, 2010

Approximately three weeks ago, two nests of duck eggs hatched in Battery Park City. According to a park ranger, one nest was in the grass of the Irish Hunger Memorial and the other one was in Tear Drop Park. Vince McGowan of the Battery Park Conservancy said that a local resident relocated the newly hatched ducklings to the waterfall pond. A park ranger confronted the person who then informed the ranger that he had a “license to handle wildlife”.

The Parks Conservancy is not feeding or caring for the ducklings. They are viewed as wildlife that can fend for itself.

The problem with the ducklings being in the pond is that humans placed them there unnaturally. The animals have no way of getting out of the pond at this age and are therefore unable to fend for themselves. Of the original 19, 10 ducklings remain.

Ducklings feed on insects and invertebrates. The small ecosystem of the pond, with fish competing for the food, is unlikely to support the ducklings as they grow into larger animals.

The video may be viewed here


July 15 update


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