The first ever French-American apple pie

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French American pie slice 2November 26, 2015- by Chef Steven E. Greer

I had the idea quite some time ago, after enjoying a chocolate croissant at Le District, to make the traditional apple pie using this complex pastry dough. I approached the bakers at Le District, and they graciously agreed to help me in the test kitchen. Chef Andrea Hidano was the chief baker on the project.

French American pie after refrigerationWe spent three days in the test kitchen. The final iteration had that flaky chewy crust of complicated French pastry dough I was seeking. The apple filling was from my mother’s 1958 recipe, which is not too tart, and more sugary and cinnamony.

This is groundbreaking stuff, folks. No one has ever done this before (Well, perhaps I exaggerate a bit. I am sure that somebody has done this somewhere, but not in Manhattan or Central Ohio, recently. I looked.)

Moms apple pie recipe

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3 Responses to The first ever French-American apple pie

  1. JK says:

    I’m moving to BPC next month, and have enjoyed your site in the last few years, beginning with your PEP coverage.

    Josh Karpf

  2. Denver says:

    Are they going to make these available for purchase?

  3. Editor says:

    Sadly, they were my creation and I left. Also, the baker lady left as well. But they should.

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