The first ever properly made pour-over coffee at Le District

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Le District pour over coffee and macaronJune 6, 2015- by Steven E. Greer, MD

This day will go down in history. It was the first day that the gourmet coffee section in Le District made a properly-made cup of pour-over coffee.

I asked the restaurant for a ceramic cup, because putting good coffee into a paper cup is sacrilegious. It’s like parking a Ferrari on the street to avoid a garage fee. It’s like dressing a fashion model in clothing from The Gap made in a sweat shop.

Then, I selected my preferred bean from the multiple containers of coffee they have for sale. They ground the beans on the spot. Then, I smelled the aroma, which is half the fun.

Then, I did a trick that I have learned at home. I placed the coffee into a cup of hot water, stirred it, then poured that into the pour-over funnel. More of the coffee leaches from the grind that way, and it is faster than putting the dry grind into the funnel.

The final product was the best coffee you can find in all of New York.

I “paired it” (like wine) with a pistachio macaron, and I sat at the elevated two-top tables.

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