The Good News: 1-26-2024

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List of governor pledging to send National Guard to Texas

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American Coup News:

  • Gov Abbott- Half of America joins Texas in asserting our constitutional right of self defense under Art. 1, Sec. 10, stemming from Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. His actions have caused an unprecedented invasion that we must defend against.
  • Texas gov. Greg Abbott (from India) tells Tucker Carlson that he is “prepared” for potential conflict with federal authorities and that 10 states have sent National Guard to the Texas border.
  • Is Abbott in India to get support from that large pro-Trump nuclear nation?
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott says 10 other states have sent national guard troops to the Texas border.
  • Texas National Guard Soldiers arrested illegals this morning with the help of the state’s Department of Public Safety.
  • DeSantis is smart AF. He’s sending Florida State Guard to Texas instead of Florida National Guard so Biden can’t federalize them.
  • In Friday news dump, CBP officially reports 302,034 migrant encounters in December, the highest month ever recorded. CBP also reports Border Patrol arrested 19 people on the FBI terror watchlist in December, bringing the total to 50 arrests for fiscal year 2024 so far.
  • Georgia State Senate Approves Subpoena-Powered Probe into Fani Willis
  • FBI sends warning letter to Speaker of the House that terrorists are coming across the border
  • Governor Greg Abbott of Texas slams Biden for freezing liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, writes, “Biden’s decision to freeze LNG exports threatens Texas—and America. This reckless decision is a gut punch to the hard-working men and women in the energy industry. It also could cause some countries to rely upon dirty coal as opposed to cleaner burning natural gas.”


  • If the red states supporting Texas also voted the same was, there would still not be enough electoral college votes for Trump to win. He must get Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Arizona back.
  • Pennsylvania State Legislators have filed a comprehensive lawsuit against the Biden Regime, Governor Josh Shapiro, & the Department of State for countless election law violations
  • Kangaroo court in NY finds that Trump did not rape creepy old lady but make shim pay $83 million anyway
  • Trump’s lawyer lady is good. Her response to the press
  • Judge to Trump lawyer Alina Habba: “You are on the verge of spending some time in the lockup”
  • Holy Schlitz. This is humiliating. A bunch of nobodies snubbed POTUS. They did NOT want to be in photos with him.

Money and the Economy:

  • Initial US employment reports overstated by 439,000 jobs in 2023, per FOX. (I told you so. I was the first one I know of to say this.)

Business News:

Pandemic Criminals and Other Crimes Against Humanity:

Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Events:

  • In 1983, CDC’s vaccine schedule had 3 routine vaccines — DTP, MMR and OPV.   In 1986, due to company crushing liability from injury claims from these products, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act giving pharma companies financial immunity for harms caused by those 3 vaccines and future vaccines.   Now, the CDC has 17 routine vaccines for children (90 doses), 4 during pregnancy (4 doses), and 4 during adulthood (130 doses). Almost all effectively liability free. No other product — not planes, cars, chain saws, etc. — enjoys this level of immunity. Even gun companies can be sued for design defects claims — but not pharma for vaccines given to babies.

On the Data Front:

Other News:

Propaganda and Legacy Media:




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3 Responses to The Good News: 1-26-2024

  1. Weihong carroll says:

    A friend believes that since Biden can’t win they have to start a “civil war” and cancel the election. Is this possible?

  2. Chester says:

    And if that fails Biden will start a world war

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