The Good News: 11-16-2023

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“Please don’t sell your US bonds”

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American Coup News:

  • Xi and Biden take a garden stroll photo-op and Xi can’t keep a straight face
  • Appeals court temporarily lifts Trump gag order in NY civil fraud case
  • Federal Ninth District Court Judge, Amy Totenberg, has ordered Georgia’s Sec of State into court to explain Georgias use of Dominions computerized electronic voting systems, concurring the 2020 election was not secure. “There is sufficient evidence to believe these machines used by the State of Georgia have substantial flaws.” A non-jury trial is scheduled for January 7.
  • Xi is checking out Biden with his own eyes before he invades Taiwan
  • Xi has recently visited Hong Kong and Taiwan in similar fashion to flex his muscle and show that he has conquered those islands. He came to San Francisco to show that he is conquered California.
  • Watch. One globalist CEO after the other lines up to get a photo with dictator Xi. They are all publicly kissing the ring. This conspiracy has now been exposed. The globalists are treasonists. They will fight hard to rig the 2024 election. Wake up state legislators, AG’s, and Sec of State
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign a bill making it a state crime to enter Texas illegally. Called SB4, this would give local law enforcement the power to arrest migrants and order them to leave the United States.
  • Hundreds of illegals are storming the Texas border right now. The major news networks are melting about everything but.
  • Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff, and Justin Trudeau share a moment as Gwen Stefani performs in California. Jill, Ed.D., stands and watches. The world is on fire — and world leaders are partying.
  • First they cleaned the streets of San Francisco for Xi and then they staged a massive fireworks show after APEC. No wonder the California liberals are a bunch of communists.
  • Biden celebrates his reunion with his old friend Xi Jinping by throwing an exclusive party for elites only — featuring a Gwen Stefani concert and a fireworks show
  • Hundreds of American CEOs gave Xi Jinping a standing ovation in San Francisco. Biden called Xi a dictator earlier in the day.
  • List of elite American executives dining with genocidal communist “Guest of Honor” Xi Jinping last night for $40,000 in San Francisco.
  • Tim Coo @Apple
  • Stephen Schwarzman @blackstone
  • Larry Fink @BlackRock
  • Stanley Deal @Boeing
  • Merit Janow @Mastercard
  • Milind Pant @amway
  • Darius Adamczyk @honeywell
  • Hock Tan @Broadcom
  • Robert Goldstein @LasVegasSands
  • Joseph Bae @KKR_Co
  • Daniel O’Day @GileadSciences
  • Ming Hsieh @FulgentGenetics
  • It has been uncertain to me whether or not the WEF, or the Fourth Reich, has been colluding with or fighting with the Chinese communist party. I tend to think it’s like World War II where Japan and the fascists were united against the west, but were not on the same side either. As the WEF loses one leader after the other, I’ve seen these western leaders go visit Xi in China looking to find a new protector. Last night, all of these “stakeholders“ of the WEF Fourth Reich were in attendance at a $40,000 per plate dinner for Xi. I don’t know what this means. Do they realize that the Fourth Reich has failed and they’re showing allegiance to their new leader? Why was Klaus Schwab not invited?
  • The latest trend on TikTok is liberal creators promoting and encouraging people to read terrorist Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America.” Many users appear to sympathize with bin Laden who was responsible for 9/11.
  • The District Court Judge in Atlanta, who will have a bench trial in January on Dominion machines, found that there is sufficient cause to believe that there may be “cybersecurity deficiencies that unconstitutionally burden Plaintiffs’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights and capacity to case effective votes that are accurately counted.” Critically, the court denied that criticism of security flaws with Georgia’s voting machines are based purely on “conspiracy theories.” “The Court notes that the record evidence does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety. Indeed, some of the nation’s leading cybersecurity experts and computer scientists have provided testimony and affidavits on behalf of Plaintiffs’ case in the long course of this litigation,” the judge’s footnote remarked.
  • Pro-Palestine Protesters are Clashing with Metro DC Police Outside Democratic National Committee Headquarters. Capitol locked down. A true insurrection orchestrated by Soros.
  • John Earle Sullivan, of Utah, found GUILTY on all counts, including dangerous weapon enhancement. Jury rejects his claim that he was acting as a journalist when he joined the mob at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6

Global Tyranny:


  • Ethics panel finds ‘substantial evidence’ against Santos, makes referral to DOJ in damning report
  • The Special Counsel investigating Biden’s classified documents from his time as VP that were found at his house and office are not expected to charge anyone. They will apparently “be critical of Biden and his staff for the way they handled sensitive materials” but bring no charges. Literally Comey with Hillary Clinton’s private email server all over again.

Money and the Economy:

Pandemic Criminals and Other Crimes Against Humanity:

Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Events:

On the Data Front:

Propaganda and Legacy Media:



I just had a good experience with the dentist. It’s the first time I have had my teeth cleaned in several years because my normal dentist is up in New York (I have the instruments and do the same thing at home).

However, the reason I went to the dentist was because I was convinced that my fillings were failing. I was having some strange sensation when I bit down on my molars. It wasn’t pain, per se.

I know it is smart to get ahead of these types of thing. I wanted to prevent a root canal.

We took x-rays. It turns out that everything is fine.

We think the best diagnosis is that I was grinding my teeth from stress. That is why I had bilateral sensations in my molars all of a sudden.

The stress from my father’s murder has really taken its toll on me. Before this dental issue, I was developing pressure ulcers on my eyelids.

My sleep has been greatly disrupted. I am not resting in peace.

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