The Good News: 11-22-2023

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What just happened in the Netherlands is massive. This is a political earthquake. Right-wing Geert Wilders is set to win the election. And a massive win for the Dutch farmers.

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American Coup News:

  • The anti-globalist PVV party just won a landslide victory in the Netherlands. This shock landslide has now put Geert Wilders on track to be the next PM.
  • The nationalist party PVV has just become the largest party in the Netherlands with 35 seats! Congratulations to Dutch patriots!
  • The “vehicle explosion” at Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls between U.S. and Canada border was an “attempted terrorist attack” with “a lot of explosives in the vehicle at the time.” – Fox News (now it looks like it was a high speed out of control car)
  • Get out of New York now. They can now take you away for mandatory quarantine and isolation for any virus at their sole discretion. No court date, no option to fight it. No age limit and no time limit for your quarantine. And they can use any experimental treatment on you. Can’t wait for this one to get to the US Supreme Court.
  • A Federal Judge in Pennsylvania has ruled that undated mail in ballots can be counted in the 2024 election despite a state law that clearly prohibits it. This means mail in ballots with no dates or incorrect dates will be counted

Global Tyranny:


  • Rumor is that Cuomo wants to make a comeback as NYC mayor. My lawsuit below might be an impediment. He is a mass murderer.
  • Charleston, South Carolina just elected its first Republican Mayor since 1877. (Fort Sumter in Charleston is where the Democrats started the Civil War. This is astonishing. Republicans were the party of Lincoln.)
  • Republican wins House election as Utah voters fill last vacant seat in Congress
  • The House Ethics Committee just voted against opening an investigation into Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling the fire alarm. No DOJ charge for “obstructing an official proceeding” for Bowman or investigation from House Ethics. Just one misdemeanor.

Money and the Economy:

  • In a sudden turn of events, OpenAI signs agreement to bring Sam Altman back to the company as CEO.

Pandemic Criminals and Other Crimes Against Humanity:

  • As #MattHancock is trending I’d like to remind everyone of his mass order of #Midazolam in March 2020 which was then administered in lethal doses to our elderly in care homes & hospitals during the ‘pandemic’ under emergency NHS NICE Guidance #NG163 #NeverForgive #NeverForget

Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Events:

On the Data Front:

Propaganda and Legacy Media:



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