The grass field is a big success so far

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August 10, 2012 By Steven Greer

The West Thames Park grass field is a smashing success this year and is being used properly by the children and adults. After two years of disgraceful neglect caused by a feud between the Gayle Horwitz, the CEO of BPCA, the Hudson River Trust, and the DOT, the Parks Conservancy staff is now very diligent with the agronomy, and the PEPs are keeping away the organized soccer than ruined the grass previously.

In the third photo down below, note that the child swinging the bat is a girl. Inadequate exercise among girls is a national problem. The West Thames field provides a rare opportunity for city kids to exercise on a safe grass surface.

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A child care group invited by BatteryPark.TV to use the West Thames lawn instead of the Cherry Tree lawn

Kites being flown on the lawn

The grass field last year during the period of BPCA willful neglect

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