The Great Reset is reviving the COVID fearmongering as a tool to prevent 2022 midterm slaughter

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April 8, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Despite the new “variants” being as virulent as the common cold, the propaganda outlets around the world controlled by the Great Reset Gang have been given orders to concoct a pandemic out of thin air. They just refuse to give up those emergency powers (Also, Biden knows he will be ousted soon and is pandering the the Great Reset agenda (i.e., vaccine emergency powers, transgender rights, etc.) in hopes they will save him).

These are some of the stories in the propaganda category. They even have dragged discarded Tony Virus out of the closet.

  • U.S. closely monitoring COVID lockdown in Shanghai, White House says
  • BBC NEWS: ‘Life without Covid rules is much worse than we thought’
  • NPR: What Fauci sees coming with the BA.2 coronavirus subvariant in the U.S.
  • REUTERS: ‘COVID is not a cold’ – Germany U-turns on ending mandatory isolation
  • Fauci returns from the rat sewer to tell you the CDC may force you to wear a mask indoors
  • Why is Shanghai seeing so many asymptomatic Covid-19 infections?
  • CBC NEWS: How bad is Ontario’s 6th wave of COVID, and how much worse could it get?
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: School coronavirus outbreaks rise in L.A. County after mask orders are lifted
  • Introducing ‘COVID XE’: New Mutant Strain Found In UK As WHO Warns It’s More Contagious Than Omicron
  • New York City Will Mandate Masks For Children Under 5 Years Old
  • Biden hyping long-covid now
  • CNBC: There is a Covid surge underway in the U.S., says Dr. Scott Gottlieb
  • NBC NEWS: As Covid spreads through D.C., it’s business as usual at the White House
  • POPSUGAR: A COVID Surge Is Likely This Fall, Dr. Fauci Says. Here’s How to Prepare
  • COVID Vaccines Plus Infection can Lead to Months of Immunity

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1 Response to The Great Reset is reviving the COVID fearmongering as a tool to prevent 2022 midterm slaughter

  1. Chester says:

    I wonder where Fauci was during this crime? Hmmmm

    Supreme Court of Canada Justice implicated UN and WHO in targeted murders of Barry & Honey Sherman

    Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) Justice presiding over a SCC case involving the unsealing of Toronto Police Services files on the double homicide investigation of Barry and Honey Sherman implicated both the UN and the WHO in the targeted murders of Barry and Honey Sherman.

    The murders were “a very, very sophisticated crime, in my view, committed by a very sophisticated organization – at least it has those hallmarks.” Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michael Moldaver, October 6, 2020 – multiple news sources: The Chronicle Herald and the Globe and Mail

    The official / legal name for the UN is the United Nations Organization. The official name for the WHO is the World Health Organization.

    Why are the UN and WHO suspects in the “targeted murders” of Justin Trudeau’s August 26, 2015 election campaign fundraisers Barry and Honey Sherman? The Shermans owned Apotex which manufactured and sold Hydroxychloroquine – a cheap, effective and a less toxic metabolite of chloroquine.

    “In conclusion, our results show that HCQ can efficiently inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro. In combination with its anti-inflammatory function, we predict that the drug has a good potential to combat the disease. ” research paper Hydroxychloroquine, a less toxic derivative of chloroquine, is effective in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro, published March 18, 2020 – day Justin Trudeau announced the closure of Canada’s borders to most travelers during news conference outside Rideau Cottage about the measures Canada is taking to combatCOVID-19 – Source

    Relative believes ‘someone was making a statement’ in murder of Barry and Honey Sherman, unsealed documents show

    A cache of unsealed documents related to the murder of Barry and Honey Sherman is revealing new details about the investigation into the deaths of the Toronto billionaire couple, including an interview with one relative who believes “someone was making a statement” in their killings.

    The documents (known as ITOs or information to obtain submissions), although heavily redacted, shed new light on the lengths investigators have taken over the last four years to catch the person or persons responsible.

    That includes Toronto police going through the phone data of hundreds of people who were connected to the couple at the time, in an effort to geographically link them to a suspect identified by investigators last month who was seen on surveillance video.

    The video, released on Dec. 14, shows an unknown person near the Shermans’ multi-million dollar North York property during the same timeframe in which their murders took place in December of 2017.

    Homicide Det. Sgt. Brandon Price said at the time that investigators had combed through hours of security footage in connection with the murders but that the individual in the surveillance video was the only person they are unable to identify. – Source

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