The Great Reset is a modern Communist Manifesto for an autocratic regime

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April 1, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

I have been recently wondering who is behind this autocratic revolution taking place in our country and in other Western democracies (i.e. the American Oligarchy of Communists). I was wondering whether it was coming actually from autocratic Communist China because it seemed too sophisticated for Barack Obama or any government dullard to pull off.

Well, I learned a little more tonight from watching TV news shows. I saw a clip of John Kerry (a genuine dullard) talking about the pandemic as being an opportunity to create “The Great Reset” and then Justin Trudeau up in Canada parroting those comments. This Great Reset is nothing but a new form of modern Marxism. It is their ideological blueprint for carrying it out just as Marx’s Communist Manifesto was more than 100-years ago.

Recall, Marx and Engel wrote thousands of pages of nonsense describing their theories and philosophies (i.e. The Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, etc.). It was all really nothing more than what Scientology is today. It was pseudoscience convincing enough to sucker uneducated people struggling under poverty. These large rambling books that no one read, not even the Bolsheviks, gave the actual human regimes of Lenin and Stalin the motivating ideals to carry out their power grabs. Of course, real communism under their regimes resembled nothing like the utopia described in the original writings by Marx, et al.

Marxism has long since been abandoned. No communist country in the world even pretends to abide by it. So, the yet-to-be-identified power mongers of today have invented the euphemism of the Great Reset. They describe it as “reimagining” the world order. But it is just another from of an autocratic power grab. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”, a great philosopher once said.

This Great Reset claims to seek equity, just like Marxism sought equity for everybody. Of course, it is all flawed unproven theories based on the assumption that human nature is moldable. Innate greed and the sense of “me versus you” can be eradicated with massive violence, they think. They were wrong then and will be wrong again.

This Great Reset needs to be investigated. Somewhere there is an manifesto that spells it out. We need to figure out who wrote it and who is behind it. Is this coming from China or the ivory towers of American universities?

The Great Reset is what the Third-term Obama administration is using for its guiding light when makes bold proposals to print trillions upon trillions of dollars in new laws designed intentionally to increase taxes and inflation. They are trying to destroy the current economy and way of life in this country ala Marxists tried to destroy capitalism. Lenin and the Bolsheviks, then Stalin, were extremely unpopular in their day just as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Nancy Pelosi are today. Unpopular movements can only gain power when the world is falling apart.

This is what Barack Obama and his cadre are doing. They know that Michelle Obama has a very low approval rating. She has already tested the waters many times for president no one likes her. Kamala Harris has 0% support from her own Democrat party. All of these freaks are power-hungry monsters who could never gain power through normal means. Thus, they have to completely burn it all down to the ground and then hope to take over.

Every one of the agendas coming out of this third-term Obama administration is designed to destroy western civilization as we know it.

White males stand in their way, so they have started a bogus race war. Families were always an obstacle for communism. So, every communist regime around the world has undermined the traditional family. That is what we see now taking place with the radical philosophy that there are no differences between the sexes.

I don’t think these morons trying to stage this global Great Reset even realize how they are repeating the failures of communism. They never use the same language as Marxism. They invent new euphemisms like the Great Reset thinking that by changing the name it will work this time.

One thing is for sure. Not a single one of these wannabe global autocrats truly believe a thing that they are preaching. None of them for a second want to give up their material goods, as we see with John Kerry and his private jet. This is all just a transparent con job.

Now, here is the good news: These totalitarian monsters are less than two-years away from being utterly destroyed. If this HR-1 bill can be defeated and we get fair elections in 2022, it will lead to a purging of the Congress and the state legislatures like never seen before. We are going to see California turn red, etc. (I predicted this in 2020 and it actually happened, except the elections were rigged. We only focus on the presidential race, but numerous house seats would have gone Republican if they weren’t flagrantly rigged. Many of the largest states are single-party states and they rigged the governor races as well).

The overreach of these idiots during the lockdowns and with the mask mandates has created a tinderbox. We are already seeing some of the autocratic/communist/fascist governors be recalled or impeached.

If there is a fair election in 2022, we are going to see political change like we have never seen before. That will be the Great Reset, ironically.

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