The Greer Report: 5-22-2022

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May 16th – May 22nd    2022

In foreign totalitarian news, The Great Reset Gang steering the neo-communist global efforts suffered a loss in Australia when the pro-lockdown fascist PM and his government were ousted, and another loss as Russia captured more regions of Ukraine. The U.S. congress then voted to send $40 B more to Ukraine with virtually no constraints on use. The Great Reset Gang convened their Davos Man summit and Pfizer’s (PFE) CEO Albert Bourla touted the technology to put chips in pills to track patient compliance. Then, a whole new pandemic became known to the world: Monkey Pox.

In other politics, the White House’s attempt to install a useful idiot, Nina Jankowicz, as Ministry of Truth backfired even with Democrats and she was fired. Flagrant corruption continued unabated inside the White House. After Hunter Biden sold his “art” for millions of dollars to Democrat donors, now VP Harris is making $450,000 for a book deal. A plan was moved forward to expand low-income tenement-style housing into suburbs. More than 100,000 illegal aliens flowed across the border. All of this caused Elon Musk to weigh in and proclaim Biden to be a puppet, which drew the predictable attacks in the form of unsubstantiated claims he exposed his penis on a private flight.

In the economy, China claims that its economy is still growing, but only at 2%. Even if true, it would be the first time that the U.S. outpaced China since 1976. U.S. gas hit all-time highs with gas stations preparing pumps to show $10 prices. Despite that, O’Biden cancelled drill leases and turned to Venezuela for sources of oil instead. Initial jobless claims spiked as the housing market starts to crash. Good indicators of real-time consumer spending patterns, Walmart and Target, both imploded more than 10% after bad earnings. High gas and food prices are causing consumers to cut back. Lastly, all of the above caused the stock markets to sell off.

In lockdown news, New York confirmed a case of monkey pox and Belgium imposed quarantines for monkey pox cases. However, NYC Mayor Adams announced that mask mandates would not return as the fearmongering over COVID ramped up. In China, their inexplicable lockdowns in Shanghai are being lifted.

In crimes against humanity, based on no supporting clinical trial data, literally, the crooked FDA division in charge of vaccines approved expansion of utterly ineffective boosters into ages 5 to 11, as the CDC promptly supported the move. The far-left New York health commissioner claimed that toddlers who are unvaccinated are at risk as Scotland investigates a surge in death of newborns related to vaccine injury. Missouri became the latest to ban pharmacists from overruling doctors who prescribe ivermectin as the FDA also inexplicable declined approval for another treatment of COVID, fluvoxamine. The FDA also addressed its role in creating the baby formula shortage.

On the data front, more studies show the harm from wearing face masks. CDC data show that 70% of Americans did not get a booster vaccine. The vaccine-created spike protein is a toxin. More evidence shows that Sweden, which avoided school lockdowns, did it right, and Dr. Malone explains monkey pox virology.

In healthcare business, Abbott (ABT) is on the defense as the baby formula shortage story grows. Also, online speed-pill-pusher Cerebral is set to close down (The CEO, Kyle Robertson is the son of creepy psychiatrist and psychotherapist parents who doped him up as a kid.)

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2 Responses to The Greer Report: 5-22-2022

  1. Chester says:

    The Rinos who voted for Ukraine aid need to be booted out …I’m surprised there aren’t more 3rd world diseases with an open border and the entire world of people who probably have never been to a doctor in their lives or never inoculated vs measles, polio tb etc etc flooding through Biden’s border

  2. Editor says:

    Good point. The open border is a real danger and the RINOS are not making that point.

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