The Greer Report: 6-16-2024

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June 10th – June 16th                                  2024

The first big story of the week was the end-stage dementia of Joe Biden on display for the world to see at the G7 summit, the Vatican, and other venues. Also, a federal jury was surprisingly not rigged and found Hunter Biden guilty of three gun-charge felonies. It was as if the Democrats are trying to sabotage him before swapping him out right before the election. Hmm.

In other American coup news, with the landmark SCOTUS decision on government censorship near (i.e., Murthy v. Missouri), the Deep State is pivoting to using AI software to directly tamper with what you can read and watch. Microsoft’s CEO strangely announced that ChatGPT will screen-capture your computer, Apple plans to insert AI into phones, and Adobe  plans to steal your data now. Elon Musk warned, “If Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level, then Apple devices will be banned at my companies. That is an unacceptable security violation.” Also ahead of the SCOTUS decision, the controversial Deep State carve-out at Stanford, the “Stanford Internet Observatory”, which spied on people via their Internet use, was supposedly shuttered.

In hot war news, Russian battle ships and nuclear subs arrived off Cuba. The Deep State made sure the world knew that eight ISIS terrorists crossed over the border. The House passed a bill reviving the military draft, even for females. Chicago’s Soros DA Kim Foxx is refusing to prosecute gang members who murdered a member of the National Guard, and an Ohio father had his toddler stabbed to death by a mentally ill black woman that the liberal judge could have jailed just days prior.

In kangaroo court news, AG Merrick Garland is now in contempt of Congress and might be arrested next week. The DOJ will not prosecute their leader leaving it up to the House to use special measures. In ultra-corrupt Fulton County, Georgia, a judge in a criminal trial was caught having illegal ex-parte talks designed to coerce witnesses. The defense attorney who raised the fact in court was arrested, but then the court of appeals prevented him from being jailed. In Texas, AG Paxton prevailed in court to stop the illegal Biden executive order that perverts Title IX into a law requiring schools to promote transgender therapies. However, a Florida federal judge blocked a law that banned gender reassignment therapies. At the Supreme Court one ruling blocked a law banning the Plan B abortion pill and another ruling blocked a Trump law that banned assault rifle bump-stocks. In Louisiana, a man will be castrated as part of a deal for his raping of a teen.

In election crime news, Elon Musk weighed in and tweeted that all electronic machines should be banned because they can be hacked. A weekend election in Puerto Rico was marred by Dominion machines acting up. In Fulton County, Wanda Shaye Moss (AKA Wanda the Stuffer), the woman caught on video illegally stuffing ballot boxes in 2020, was arrested. This was after the Georgia Board of Elections made it official that election rigging took place. RNC Chair Lara Trump announced that they are building “100,000 army” of election polling volunteers to prevent the 2020 crimes like what Wanda committed. In Texas, a judge overturned the results of a city council race due to fraud, and four people were charged in a Connecticut city election. In Michigan, a judge struck the Democrat election manual because it did not require signature verification.

In DEI and LGBTQ communist strategy news, a young girl was riding a bike naked during a Wisconsin “Pride” parade. California passed a law preventing teachers from telling parents that they are changing the gender of students, and “Lia” Thomas, the tall man pretending to be a female swimmer, will not be able to participate in the Olympics.

In money and the economy, the Fed left rates unchanged as Chairman Powell admitted the May jobs numbers were bogus. A report diced out the data and 75% of the so-called new jobs went to illegal aliens. As a result, Société Générale and JP Morgan warned of an epic crash.

In business news, Elon Musk, who has actually been low on real cash, was finally paid when shareholders bypassed the courts and awarded him his compensation package. Tupperware is shutting the South Carolina plant and moving to Mexico, and the McDonald’s CEO reported that the Big Mac has increased in price by 30% since 2019.

In politics, Trump held a rally in another Democrat stronghold, Detroit, where black leaders endorsed him. More Trump candidates won primaries and more billionaires supported him. Also, disgraced Rep. Jamaal Brown, the “Squad Member” who pulled a fire alarm to delay a vote, will likely lose his primary next week.

In Nuremberg 2.0 news, ousted former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was deposed by the House. He doubled down on his losing strategy to say, “Who cares (whether they died in a nursing home or hospital)”. “Cuomo blamed an unidentified staff member at the New York Health Department for drafting the directive”. The crooked FDA advisor “Doctor” Paul Offit claimed that newborns on up benefited from the Pfizer/Moderna gene therapies, refusing to admit that they were deadly wrong. In Nashville, the trans-terrorist who murdered kids and adults in a Catholic school was, as suspected, on antidepressants. Almost all mass shooters are driven to the edge by these horrible drugs that INCREASE suicide and homicide.

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  1. Glenn Cannon says:

    Dr. Greer: Just wanted to ask your opinion on “ Operation Paper Clip”?? I have been delving in many rabbit holes of late and have formed the opinion that our own government continues to put us in harms way!! They brought all of those Nazis over here after the war and coddled them. Also, Ukraine is a known country of Nazis from that time. I know that all the folks now wearing the Ukraine flag are the same!! Traitors to our country USA!!!. They are laundering money from our tax payers to a communist country!!! WHY‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

  2. Editor says:

    See my Fourth Reich edition of my book

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