The Greer Report: 6-25-2023

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June 19th – June 25th                                   2023

The first big story of the week was the Russian Psy-Op over the weekend that staged a fake coup against Moscow. It appears that Putin used it as a trick to get his own forces closer to Kiev. In America, the real coup was on full display as the DOJ allowed Hunter Biden to be prosecuted for small crimes, avoid jail time, and ignore the Ukraine bribery. However, the Democrat machine appears to see the writing on the wall and gave their propaganda outlets the green light to attack the Bidens.

In global totalitarian news, Elon Musk tweeted an important note about how farms and livestock do nothing to add to greenhouse gases. It was a comment meant to support the Dutch farmers who are having their farms stolen by the WEF under the pretext of climate crisis. Sweden exited the WEF’s plan for green energy. Italy is removing lesbian partners from children’s birth certificates: “Marriage is only between a man and a woman”. Brazil is a full-blown CCP satellite dictatorship. Former President Bolsonaro is now on trial. Also, the WHO is clearly an arm of the Fourth Reich. WEF Young Global Leader, Dr. Vanessa Kerry, became the first-ever WHO Director-General Special Envoy for “Climate Change & Health.” Her father, John Kerry, serves as Biden’s climate czar.

In American coup news, Secretary of State Blinken made a trip to China to beg for help. He threw Taiwan under the bus as an offering and still came away empty-handed. The Pentagon was exposed as playing a part in the censorship of Americans. Facebook admitted that their “fact checks” are nothing but opinion. Comedian Rob Schneider trashed Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Penn, and other Hollywood elite for pushing Covid mandates: “It did expose the little Hitlers amongst us.”. Also, Florida’s DeSantis continues to build a state resistance to the federal Fourth Reich by organizing 90 sheriff departments from different states to combat illegal immigration.

In Trantifa and racial division news, Elon Musk said that Twitter officially considers the terms “cis” and “cisgender” to be slurs and harassment. The NHL banned LGBTQ Pride jerseys. Disney’s first movie with a non-binary character was Pixar’s worst-ever opening weekend. A federal judge struck down the Arkansas ban on transgender treatments for minors. A house in Boston, where drugged out and overdosed trans were partying, was found to have children inside. Biden’s monkeypox advisor Demetre Daskalakis said, “One person’s idea of risk is another person’s idea of a great festival or Friday night.”, and the CEO of United Airlines announced that all new pilots will be hired based on race.

In politics, radical stooge Adam Schiff was sanctioned by the House and faces more charges. The House moved to expunge the Trump impeachments. DNC money launderer Sam Bankman-Fried had his charges dropped, and RFK Jr. performed well at New Hampshire events.

In crimes against humanity, Ohio passed a law requiring pharmacists to fill prescriptions, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. A UK whistleblower stated, “We were ordered to “Euthanise” Patients to falsely increase COVID Death Counts while Hospitals were Empty” In Canada, more than 10,000 people a year are being euthanized. The New York Supreme Court reinstated all employees fired for being unvaccinated. Fauci stooge Peter Hotez had a bad week. Tucker Carlson and many others exposed how he was a mouthpiece for the pro-vaccine fascist propaganda. He created the gain-of-function labs that made the COVID virus. Also, Atrazine, an herbicide banned in the EU for the last 15 years and yet widely used in Australia and the US, is likely the cause for the increase in ambiguous-gender humans.

In other news, a homemade sub taking tourists down to see the Titanic was crushed by the pressure. However, the Biden admistration kept the news of their deaths secret all week to create a media distraction. Lastly, a judge sanctioned the lawyers caught using ChatGPT artificial intelligence to write a brief.




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