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Deirdre Bolton of FoxApril, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Well, statistically, the p-value that this is a fluke is getting pretty small. The number of TV news anchors who have been hired after I suggested them to the heads of news is astonishing.

Former Bloomberg anchor Deirdre Bolton is now on Fox Business, and I had suggested to Fox top brass that they hire her many times. (It was painful to watch her at Bloomberg do her hedge fund show from the lobby of the building. Now, she has a real studio with proper lighting.).

The list of TV news people who made moves after I suggested them to the top producers is becoming lengthy. I should start a talent agency.

Nora O’Donnell on the CBS Morning Show was another one of my imaginary clients. They were struggling in the beginning, trying out various people. The first day she was a guest anchor, I told the top brass to hire her, and they did (The show has also made the same changes in directing and producing that I recommended).

At Fox Business, they too were struggling, due in large part to some bad apples at the top in producing. At my strong suggestion, they fired one man, and have made other changes.

On CBS Morning Saturday, Dr. LaPook has a “Morning Rounds” segment, that I suggested verbatim to the CBS heads.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, I strongly complimented Amy Robach, then complained about Josh Elliott becoming the attention-hog news reader. Josh Elliott was fired this week (his contract demands were not met, I should say), and Amy is now the full-time news anchor.

On CNBC, a regular guest is SunTrust’s Heather Hughes. She was not even in finance until I encouraged her in 2008.

There are other examples as well that I will not mention.

Future changes we might see, that I have suggested, are, A) making Charlie Rose the new “Face the Nation” anchor, and B) removing George Stephanopoulos from GMA.

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