Goldman Sachs allows the hot dog cart scourge to spread

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Fruit smoothie and hot dog on Vesey 4-18-2015Update April 19, 2015- Now, the big green fruit vendor cart has arrived. We called Goldman Sachs and asked why they are allowing this, and they seemed unaware of the problem.

When Goldman Sachs’ headquarters opened in 2009, they did not even allow trash cans on the block out of bomb security concerns. Now, they allow large carts manned by people with long arrest records to do whatever they want.

It is the responsibility of the large corporations on this block to stop this street vendor problem. However, the companies seem loath to get involved.

Hot dog cart in front of 250 Vesey Brookfield entranceApril 12, 2015- The same unlawful hot dog stand guys have added a second cart on Vesey. This one is smack dab in front of the Brookfield Place entrance, and too close to a crosswalk. Farther down, the old cart at North End Avenue has returned.

And guess what. I, Steven Greer, aint doing jack squat about it. If Brookfield and Goldman and the other residents are fine with this, then that is their problem.

hotdog grease wide low

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