The Late Reviewer: Sam Mendes’ film 1917

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July 4, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I saw the Sam Mendes film called 1917 last night. It is very good.

It reminded me of something. It is no coincidence that the Bolshevik Revolution also happened in 1917. The chaos and hardship of World War I allowed communism to spread.

Every time there is hardship and chaos, communism rears its ugly head. It is always in the name of freeing the oppressed. But of course, the fascists in charge are the worst type of oppressor.

The house-arrest decrees and high unemployment of the pandemic were the sparks needed for this ongoing communist attack we see in the streets. The Democrat governors knew as soon as April that this was the real goal: to destroy the economy, create a false hardship on the nation, all to allow their fascism to thrive. It worked too.

But alas for them, the Trump economy is too strong to kill. It has already rebounded far faster than the moron economists predicted.

However, it still remains to be seen whether these fascists will win and take over the country in November. If Americans are oblivious to this real threat, it could happen.

Ever person needs to take this holiday, Independence Day, to review the Declaration of Independence and why we fought against the tyranny imposed on us by the King of England. History never stops repeating. Every few generations, we fight the same epic battles.

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