The Late Reviewer: The Gentlemen

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August 22, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I am really dragging the bottom of the barrel now for anything to watch. I got around to viewing the 2019 film by Guy Richie called The Gentlemen. This film is not only cringe-provokingly cheesy, but it is a commentary on an entire past generation of wannabe stars from the 2000’s.

Guy Richie is the British writer and director who tried to carve out a niche for himself by making English gentlemen seem scary as bad-asses. He also made some really bad films with his ex-wife Madonna. I have always wondered why I hear his name so often with his mediocre IMDB credits. He must have more sway in the U.K. than he does here.

The Gentlemen casts Mathew McConaughey as the leading man. He is supposed to be the quintessential James Bond gentleman. But the script, written by Richie, was a dud. It was full of clichés and gimmicks.

Yes. McConaughey wears fancy bespoke British jackets. We get it. Likewise, all of the other characters were overdosed with stylish clothing. The film was like a bad fashion show.

Then, the film resorted to Hollywood guns and cars in an attempt to bring the dumb kids into the theaters. It failed there too.

Michelle Dockery, best known as the sexless, humorless, aristocrat from Downton Abbey, was supposed to be the Bond girl. Boy, did she fail.

Hugh Grant overcame his bad script and gave a good performance.

This movie is also outdated. It clearly is from the mind of a middle-aged man who thinks he is still in touch with youth. For example, he forces scenes about young boxers, who use social media in ways no young person would, that seem more like Joe Biden talking about record players as the “new thing”.

Given the fact the all key positions of this film were credited to Richie (screenplay, production, directing), we can’t blame the studio for this. Guy Richie is simply a dork who thinks he is an A-list movie star when he is not.

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