The Late Reviewer: The Loudest Voice

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August 16, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I am suing the Murdoch family and their companies News Corp and Fox. So, I watched the 2019 limited series called The Loudest Voice about Roger Ailes. It was a repulsive piece of far-left propaganda and educational at the same time.

This hit-piece demonizes Roger Ailes, played by Russell Crowe, as a character right up there with Hitler. But the series is egregious propaganda because it omits anything at all about the left doing the same thing with their own cable news channels.

Roger Ailes had sex with the talent. News flash: That is how TV works. All local and national TV networks are orgies.

Back in medical school, I dated the prettiest TV news person in Columbus. She told me stories. Even the dorky weathermen were having sex like rabbits.

Also, this film and others like it, such as Bombshell, portray the Fox women as unwilling participants in the sex-for-fame scam. In some cases, they were unsuspecting behind-the-camera victims. But in most cases, they willingly went along with it for years and years. They gave BJ’s to a creepy old fat man to get on TV.

Megyn Kelly claims she was sexually harassed by Ailes a decade ago. OK. So, why did she not speak up sooner in order to protect others? It is because she got her own TV show.

Why did Gretchen Carlson and Kelly eventually speak out? It was only after they had lost their TV careers. Carlson was a failure on TV and viewers hated her. Kelly became a disliked person when she became a NeverTrumper. They all saw the writing on the wall. Moreover, they spoke up only after it was clear that Ailes was being fired. These were opportunistic women, not victims.

Allowing fraudulent claims of sexual misconduct to go unchallenged weaponizes sex against men. In this current environment, there are no statute of limitations on the most frivolous of claims. A Supreme Court justice in his 50’s was accused of sexual misconduct as a teenager. This is all part of the Marxists’ plan to destabilize the traditional white male power base.

Fox covered up the Roger Ailes sexual scandals. News flash: So did NBC, and worse. NBC spiked Ronan Farrow’s story on Harvey Weinstein. He was the most important figure in the far-left #MeToo movement. They covered up the Matt Lauer scandals too, and yet there is not a peep about that in The Loudest Voice.

What I found educational was learning just how integral Ailes and his Fox News were in starting the propaganda movement. Long before CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast news became flagrant partisan propaganda arms for the Obama administration, Roger Ailes embedded inside the Bush administration. The disastrous Iraq and Afghanistan wars were made possible by the con that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. That was a lie propagated by Roger Ailes.

For people who hate President Obama, they can blame their own favorite news station, Fox News. Roger Ailes created George W. Bush. It was the horrible deeds done by Bush that led Americans to vote for Obama.

For most Americans who see the far-left news bias of today, they can thank Roger Ailes for starting it all. True. The press has been used by the government for propaganda since the creation of the nation, with Woodrow Wilson starting it all during WWI, but the TV propaganda is a genre created by Ailes.

What can we learn from this limited series about Fox News now? Fox is going left. Why?

Lachlan Murdoch, who took over Fox, was always a thorn in the side of Ailes. Once Ailes was becoming visibly ill, unable to walk, Lachlan took the opportunity to oust him. The entire Gretchen Carlson sexual scandal lawsuit could have been covered up had Lachlan not hired Paul-Weiss LLP to conduct an internal investigation.

Lachlan’s wife and he are Democrats, donors to Hillary. This is why Fox has NeverTrumper Paul Ryan on the board and Trey Gowdy as a contributor. They see the peer pressure in the form of several TV series and movies made about them, all portraying them as dimwit trust-fund morons. Their only path out of this blacklisting is to steer Fox left.

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