The Late Reviewer: Uncut Gems

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June 20, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

Uncut Gems by Adam Sandler was supposed to get him an Oscar nomination and he was snubbed. I watched it. It was a strange film for me because it took me a few days to realize that I liked it.

It is a frenetic film shot much like the TV show 24. I was tense for the entire film, which was not enjoyable. It was annoying.

Adam Sandler does a good job playing the jeweler Howard Ratner. He is a lowlife gambling addict who gets into debt. The mob, which includes a relative of his, chases him throughout the film.

Also, basketball player Kevin Garnett does a surprisingly good job playing himself. In turns of acting performance by NBA stars, Kevin is leaps and bounds above Jordan or Shaq.

The film reminds me of a Jewish version of the Godfather with respect to how it accurately depicts the Jewish family in many holiday scenes, arguments with wives and girlfriends, etc. However, I found it boring until I slept on it. The plot and actions of Sandler’s character are actually pretty iconic. The things he does to achieve his gambling urges are hilarious, in hindsight.

If you have run out of films to stream, this is a worthwhile one to watch.

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